University of Toronto Street Fighter

Hey everyone. I’m Miguel, a first year humanities student at Victoria College in U of T. I mainly play AE and MvC3.
I’m trying to get all the U of T fighting gamers together into one community.

If you go to U of T, sign up!

UTSF Facebook page:
UTSF Forums:

Ohhhh man, the TOF leader has challenged the leadership of Toronto. I say a money match would be in order between the TOF leader vs the TOSF leader vs the GTASF leader vs the YRSF leader vs the Mississauga leader vs the Gety leader vs every other SF division that Toronto has come out with in the last 10 years to determine the true leader of SF Toronto.

So your first event is in Mississauga ?

Hahaha, well, we’re just starting out. I’m not a super amazing player, so I’d probably have to send my ace. ;D

Right now, we’re situated in residence common rooms of Victoria College, where I currently reside, or the Cat’s Eye. However, I’m currently looking for an alternate venue for when the group gets bigger.

Ah well then there is the shuttle bus from UTM to UTSG but that ends service at 9PM

When and where do you guys meet up? Im at St. George campus

I’m at St. George campus.

At the moment we hold our sessions in Caven House in Victoria College. Once we outgrow that though, we can hold a central office. Larger events will be held at the Cat’s Eye, also in Victoria College.

Join the FB group and the forums and introduce yourselves! :slight_smile:

Do alumni count!

Of course! We actually have a few alumni in the club right now.

Good to see you guys on here! Looking forward to meeting some of you on Saturday.

Make sure you send some of your best players forward to compete during the Battle of Kings


any love for UTSC?

We’re playing UMvC3 on Saturday. You all should attend.

Do you guys meet up on specific days and times?

Friday meetings start at 4:30pm and go on until the end of the night, pretty much.
Saturday meetings are at the third week of every month and go from 2:00pm til however long people stay.

This week’s Friday meeting is the last meeting of the semester, 4:30pm at Caven or Bowles-Gandier House in Victoria College.!/events/325329560816831/

Dang I was hoping there would be Tekken or Virtua Fighter. Anyways, next semester, is it still going to be on Fridays? Cause I have a load of classes on Friday and probably wont be able to come

No, you are not allowed to.

My bad, deleted the post.