University of Toronto Street Fighter


Two events happening:

This one is on rather short notice, but we’re having sessions on Friday and Saturday.

More importantly, the biggest event of the year is happening in 3 weeks - the UTSF Championships.


right here. Though I actually live closer to Mississauga campus. Basically I’d be willing to go to either campus, except St. George, hate getting downtown.


Any casuals going on downtown for AE/SFxT this week with you guys?


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Yeah, this Friday, Caven House in Lower Burwash Hall (Victoria College). Meeting starts at 5pm.


Damn, i’m busy this Friday. Will try for the next sess.


[INDENT=1]We are running a tournament here in Ottawa on March 24th:

Games include:

KoF 13
U MvC 3
SSB Brawl (Singles)

Check out the site for more details and hope you guys can make it out:…12-gaming-ottawa-presents-capital-k-o.154979/[/INDENT]


One week away, on April 1st 2012, UTSF is going to have their biggest session.

The Inaugural UTSF Championship

UTSF Championship Tournaments
$5 venue fee, $5 tournament entry fee
2/3, Winner’s character = locked, Winners+Losers+Grand Finals = 3/5

Side Tournaments (no entry fee, no prizes)

5v5 Exhibitions
SSF4AE: Team Pad vs Team Stick
UMvC3: Team Boomerang vs The World


The Inaugural UTSF Championship.
Hart House Debates Room. 12pm-9pm.


Hmm, didn’t even know UofT was having a tourney till today. I will be sure to hit up the next one. Make it an event tho for better turn out in people.


Yeah, I forgot to make a thread in that other board. Sorry, next time :frowning:
Here’s the results.

[LEFT]Challonge brackets can be found here:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Best 2 out of 3 games[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Winners’ character = locked[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Grand Finals, Winners Finals, Losers Finals = 3 out of 5. GF, Losers Champion must win 2 sets[/LEFT]
[LEFT]super street fighter iv: arcade edition (ver. 2012)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1.dave ro / Davero (E. Honda)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2. Jason Chiu ** (T. Hawk, Cammy, Guile)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3. Edwin Lui / Mr Trite (Akuma, Fei Long)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4. Kevin Nguyen (Sagat)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5. Dennis Huynh / Epicberry (Fei Long)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5. Brett Navarro / Psychochronic (Rose)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7. Miguel Leandro Gamboa / MLGFearless (E. Honda)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7. Rob Santos / Tactix (Gouken)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9. Anton McGann / SAGEXOX (Cody)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9. Dan Michael Gamboa / Dagamewhiz (Rose)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9. Justin Araujo / TOF JustKen (Ken)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9. Nathan Catahan / TOF Darkleo (Sagat)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13. Adam Terpstra / GENocide (Gen)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13. D.J. Wilson / Chaoshenanigans (Vega)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13. Billy Voltsinis / MrBison (M. Bison)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13. Mark Eugenio / Cykam (Ryu)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17. Jimmy Chen / JimmyFierce (Ryu)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17. Jonathan Leung (Akuma)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17. James Ly / links (Cammy)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17. Ben Slater (Dudley)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]17. David Klatt / Retroman (Chun-Li)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]ultimate marvel vs capcom 3[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1. edwin lui / mr trite (Spencer, Wesker, Hawkeye)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2. andy la / rikir(Tron Bonne, Dante, Arthur)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3. brett navarro / psychochronic(Nemesis, Trish, C. Viper)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4. Dave Ro / Davero (Hawkeye, Wolverine, Akuma) [/LEFT]
[LEFT]5. Jason Chiu (Vergil, Dante, Wesker)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5. Billy Voltsinis / MrBison (Vergil, Akuma, Wesker)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7. Miguel Leandro Gamboa / MLGFearless (Hulk, Wesker, Akuma)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7. Charles Cuela (Nemesis, Wesker, Akuma)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9. Ferdinand Pelayo (Dormammu, Taskmaster, Super-Skrull)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9. Bon V. Thach / Shinzu Genzobi (Zero, Ryu, Arthur)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9. Charles Downer / Chokehold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]9. D.J. Wilson / Chaoshenanigans (Hulk, Ryu, Viewtiful Joe)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]13. Nathan Catahan / TOF Darkleo (Dormammu, Doctor Doom, ?)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]street fighter x tekken (2v2)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1.burger munroe
/ **jimmyfierce and mr trite (Hugo)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2. rob santos and majoire[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3. / MrBison (Rolento) and Rikir (Cammy)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4. Team Jumpers Jumpers / Dagamewhiz (Lili) and Cykam[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5. The World’s Greatest Tag Team / GENocide (Rolento) and MLGFearless (Poison/Guile)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5. Davero and Jason Chiu[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7. TeamOnFridays / JustKen (Ken) and Darkleo[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7. Chaoshenanigans and Retroman[/LEFT]


You still have meetings on saturday? I might want to bring my SSF2X supergun setup if so. Are there any CRTs?


Last meeting of the school year is today, unfortunately… We have 2 CRT setups. I’ll keep you posted if we have some more Saturday sessions.

Super Turbo Revival in ... TORONTO ...?

Anyone thats going to UTM next year, still play?


Hey everybody GOES is

going to do another Pub Night at the Rebel’s Kilt on Sunday June 24th starting at 1pm

… more details to follow soon.

GOES will also have a set of weekend passes for Polaris 26 to give away at the pub night



Does anyone know what a 3s is? Online is making me stupid.



Hey we’re doing another pub event in Hamilton, on June 24th starting at 1pm. We will be playing AE Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat 9 and Skull Girls.

We will have a set of weekend passes for Polaris 26 to give away, along with other prizes

click on to the facebook event and check it out[/FONT]**[/SIZE]


Where in woods worth does utsf play? I’m here now