University Pinball 8/23 MVC2 results


It only took 8 years but I there was finally another MVC2 tournament here.
Everything went good so it shouldn’t be nearly as hard to get people to come out next time
BTW if you want free money come to Philly, everyone here is out of practice.

The only downside of the tournament was that the crowd favorite Captain Nobody was upset by Ron

1st Rick
2nd Damian
3rd Brandon
4th Mike B
5th Josh
5th Ron
7th Bryheem
7th Captain Nobody


i got beat by crazy pills and slimshady. no more cvs2 tournaments… forever


Yeah we are all out of practice, we just don’t play anymore. I only play GGXX now a days, and pc games such as UT2003 and I will be getting 2004 in nov. Who knows if we will ever be good in MVC2 again, I start college in fall so I know I will be a scrub 4 sure once that happens.

Little E, thanks for having the tournament though, it was kinda fun.

Ryu is the key to winning in SVC, hands down:evil: Wait it out all day


santhrax 9283334… msp 0…

zero is broken in SvC…

“roll cancel can’t beat wait cancel” - bryheem


edit teams for future reference:

rick: santhrax
damian: santhrax, cable/storm/doom, mag/storm/doom
brandon: mag/storm/sent
mikeb: mag/sent/capcom
josh: msp, scrub
ron: storm/cable/capcom
bryheem: spiral/cable/sent, scrub
captain nobody: bh or storm/cable/capcom


hahahaha cancel a wait into a tigeruppercut when you jump


damn Richard Mears is Philly’s Finest!!!
Damian is still the best white boy in Philly but he cant beat Philly’s Finest!!!
wtf I wanna play a 3rd strike instead of CvS2, Bryheem’s wait cancel is the best :lol:


sup philly, J in da house, just want to say nice torney, that rick is a beast, i saw video’s of him a josh playing, and what happen to josh, he got 5th?:eek: , anyway’s speaking to josh or rick or bradon aka hemon, do you gu’s remember a chris tucker, that guy that was in da video talking mad sht on da video, iam sorry but i though that sht was to funny:lol: :lol: , that part of da video cracks me up everytime…



Captin Nobody is my new hero:lol: :cool:


he kept trying to c.hp everyone but it wasn’t working

Ultra 3rd Strike LITE v1.00 Mod Release
Ultra 3rd Strike LITE v1.00 Mod Release
Ultra 3rd Strike LITE v1.00 Mod Release

what do you mean c.hp??