University Pinball bi-weekly selection - Philadelphia, PA - 9/08/07 - Arcana Heart

Where: University Pinball - 40th & Spruce - Philadelphia, PA
When?: September 8th - Saturday
Times: Tourney starts at 5pm, registrations begin at 6pm
Registration Fee?: $5
Prizes?: Undecided at the moment

University Pinball, best known for competition in MvC2, is pleased to announce that they will be holding their first Arcana Heart tourney in the fall season. This tournament is only a precursor to other tournaments to come, and is only the first in their series of bi-weekly tournaments in various games.

University Pinball features other games such as 3s, RF2, CvS2, MvC2, SC2/SC3AE, and a variety of other games for the playing.

Arcana Heart will have the FULL! upgrade, and will either be played on p360s or Sanwas(depending on if the sanwas come in time).

Post if you’re interested so we can get a sense of whos coming.

NYC is taking this shit :smiley:

Ok tourney needs to be earlier…7pm???

On a friday?

No thnx. Got a different tourney to go to on Saturday anyway. Go get 'em Ken!

what you’re not going? damn man, nyc needs to flood this tourney :frowning:

hmm… i can go either friday or saturday… ill try to see if they can run it saturday that way i can come eariler than 7

I’ll post it here too

We might be able to go a little earlier but not like early afternoon. at least not this time.

If NYC isn’t able to come, it’ll be fine for now. Philly will definitely be strong at the tourney in terms of numbers, and we’re going to try and get the matches recorded

My thoughts are if NY comes we’d all get better, but it would just widen the gap between the good people and the people we’re trying to get on the game for the first time.

this is true…

but also you have to play better peeps to get better in the first place…

like im not looking early afternoon more like before 7 like 5 maybe?

I’ll see if X wants to get in. If he does, I’ll let you know. He may be in Philly around that time frame. I might not be able to attend (too much stuff going on with the clothing store).

I’ll have him holla’ @ Mook & Twin for me, if he attends.

Oh yeah, tell Mook that that rushing defense of the Eagles is going to suffer without Jeremiah Trotter (lol).

my heart was sadden when they let go jerimah( again) trotter and Dawkins are like my favorite eagles…

I think I may have another tournament to go to that day. But if not I’ll probably just come down and play arcana all day into the night.

7PM is hella late and nyc people don’t want to be getting back home at like 12pm or something. Or anyone else for that matter, so I’d say run it at an earlier time. 4 or 5pm would be better.

I’m not going to be entering this tournament, but I’m just giving suggestions.


make the low tier mvc2 match just no god tier
why make it the most confusing setup ever

prrrrrrrretty sure this guy is winning cvs2 and mvc2 and 3s

shit, ill even hit that tekken up

wow, boy did i end up in the wrong thread haha

it’s okay man… edmonton is pretty far dude…

and brandon it’s on saturday sir…

yeah like 5 would be okay…

$10 entry fee would probably attract more players because that would equal more money in the pot. $5 entry is cruddy payout unless you get a lot of people.

that would be true, if people weren’t still pretty new to the game… :sweat:

I suppose:sweat:

It’s also easier on the people that have barely any money to spend coughcough