University Pinball bi-weekly selection - Philadelphia, PA - 9/29/07 - MvC2 Low Tier

Where: University Pinball - 40th & Spruce - Philadelphia, PA
When?: September 29th - Saturday
Times: Registration starts at 4pm, Tourney starts at 5pm
Registration Fee?: $5
Prizes?: 70/20/10 - 1st/2nd/3rd

The second tourney of UP’s bi-weekly tournament schedule(or close to biweekly), this time we’re going with an MvC2 low tier tournament.

University Pinball features other games such as 3s, RF2, CvS2, SC2/SC3AE, AHF, and a variety of other games for the playing.

MvC2 is played on American hardware contantly serviced to keep them in top shape. There are three MvC2 machines to keep the tournament going quick, and theres always room for casuals.

Worried about where you’ll eat? There a pizza shop right across the street from the arcade, and many many restaurants within two blocks of the area.

We hope to get many people to come out and have a good time, so if you’re interested feel free to post here.

So which chars are banned and is it gonna be like ratio or what?

I think we went with a straight ban list, no ratio. So far banned from play are all the biggies - Sent, Cable, Mags, Storm, Ironman (WarM), Black Heart, Doom, I’m not sure if Spiral is on or off. Other than that I think it’s pretty open.

wat doom banned ? damnit i wanted my Team Z to be allowed :slight_smile:

The final ban list which is the original list plus with the those decided by the regulars at the arcade is

Magneto, Storm, Cable, Sentinel, Doom, Blackheart, Iron man, War machine and Spiral.

Bumping for the hell of it

no need really this tournament is getting good attention from the MVC2 attention around the arcade.