University Pinball Philly MvC2 & CvS2 Results


1st - Josh Wong
2nd - Brandon Deshields
3rd - Bryheem Keyes


1st - Julian Robinson
2nd - Josh Wong
3rd - Eric Small

Josh is the best in Philly again

They were looking for you josh .:wink:

Josh Wong is a bum…

oh yeah also E too… lucky ass bums…

thats why i said dont tell them i’m leaving. who was looking for me? julian bryheem and brandon right? its ok warrior can drive them.

im coming every weekend from now on until i can beat josh wong. I WILL BEAT JOSH WONG. I’LL GET YOU YET JOSH WONG, THIS ISN’T OVER YET, OH NO, IT’S JUST BEGUN. AND YOU TOO DAMIAN, IM OUT FOR B-L-O-O-D.

tournament was fun. i wanna get good so i’ll keep coming. thanks for everyone that showed up, i like playing and learning from you guys.

Nice matches in finals josh.

Teams were:

Josh Wong: sentinel, storm, capcom Sentinel, cable, capcom

Brandon Deshields: (team hyo) IM, storm, sentinel Mag, storm, sentinel

Bryheem Keyes: cable, blackheart, doom, and capcom Sentinel, cable, capcom

Julian Robinson: sentinel, cable, blackheart cable, blackheart, doom

Damian Eklund: storm, sentinel, cable storm, sentinel, cyc

I stopped using doom for a hot minute and everyone busts out capcom like its 2000 again… pussies…


hey damian, i really like your team of mag/cable/doom. do you play it in that order? it’s pretty fucking solid, everyone has a safe-tag into cable, a completely unescapable guardbreak. you gotta show me how you play it.

Yea, fun tournament, although it wasn’t my day for mvc2 :lame: . Thanks to eric’s coaching though i was able to get 5th place in cvs2 :smiley: . I want a rematch on good sticks brandon :).

Damn josh is way too good :smiley: .

Wtf:wtf: Brandon got 2nd. HOw did you let eric get top 3 in cvs2, what a bunch of bums. Josh sux. IM owns!

bryheem “did you see that new video on shoryuken? you can walk out of the demons!”

mag/cable/doom… crossups, more chip, unmashable tempest… but cable gets the most benefits… roger and team granite have been promoting this team in my honor while I experiment with other shit…

me, julian, rayL in one bracket and eric on the other.

haha, if i was in erics bracket i would of won the tournamanet. considering how i always own julien with my cheap rolling tactics

Magneto / Cable / Doom is indeed Team Damian; however, the team has accended into a greater state of being…surpassing any individual name for a team…it is simply known as Team Jesus.

Magneto / Cable / Doom = Team Jesus

Damian = The great white prophet…no one will have more knowledge of Team Jesus than Damian…simply because Team jesus requires godlike Dr. Doom…which no one has except damian.

p.s. I tied for 5th dammit…Magneto / Cable / Doom owns all…

dude your gay… just get off D’s Nuts!!!:lol:


Team Granite lives on…that is all.