University Pinball weekly tournament(friday)


We’ve been having gatherings on every friday at my apt

now it’s time to move on to bigger place

we gonna start a new weekly(on friday) tournament at UP

University Pinball
4006-08 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

no venue fee

only $5 for sf4 tournament entrance

BYOC(Bring Your Own Controller)

starts at 6pm sharp every friday and we can stay until 2am which is the time they would shut down all the cabs
(If needed we can move to my place, since there will be a few left at the end of tournament)

Hope all the good philly players can show up these mini tournaments and kick Dr.chaos and Demon. Hyo’s ass
(how about me? nah I’m a scrub:D but if I win, I’ll buy pizza for all the entrances for sure)

If possible I’m gonna capture some matchs and post on our Gathering thread which every score is linked to youtub videos

UPDATE1 MBAA IS UP AND RUNNING and it’s at 50cents! It’s also have ps2 ports on it. So come down to check it out!!

UPDATE2 KOFXII is coming within a week and will have ps2 ports on it as well
(I’m gonna convince them to put Sanwa sticks on it too)

If you can show up regulary or want pre-reg, post your Nick(or game tag), Name, e-mail address please.


LoL why they got to kick my ass :frowning:

I usually work fridays but I’ll stop by after if stuff is still going on probably around 10:30. I’ll try to come next week @ 6 though, and try and get this thread stickied.


I may come maybe with caliagent.


Please keep these going so that way I can come play when I’m back in York after the semester is over here in georgia (I’ll be done May 1st and back in PA around May 5th). Keep it up! :slight_smile:


this will be stable unless somebody try to use me or whatever bad things happen


can’t make it fri due to prior engagements. i’ll come thursday though.


i am sorry to inform you but this will not work on a friday night, you can do this during the week monday thru wensday or on saturday or sunday morning from opening to 4. any problems give me a call one.




oh well never mind guys something has changed i guess

We will have this on my apt as usual