Universtiy of Illinois SSF4/MvC3 RanBat 2.7 March 26th!


Come out and play next month for UIUC’s monthly RanBat!! This will be the first month featuring MvC3, so anything can go down!! Bring your A game and your hype!!

Date: March 26th, 2011

Location: 1601 E. Florida, Urbana, IL 61802

Time: Registration starts at 4:45pm. Tournament starts no later than 5:30pm.

Games: Super Street Figher 4 (Xbox 360) and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)

$5 Entry for each game, NO VENUE FEE!! (not to mention, the venue is pretty nice, including pool tables, couches, and free WiFi)

MvC3 Rules:

99 second rounds

No characters are banned

Loser may switch teams.

Winner may switch assists, but keep same team.

No Simple Mode

Damage = Default setting

Best 2/3 games (Losers, Winners, and Grand Finals is best 3/5 games)

Double elimination

SSF4 Rules:

99 second rounds

No characters banned

Loser may switch character/ultra

Winner can only switch ultra, not character

Best 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games (Losers, Winners, and Grand Finals is best 3/5 games)

So come out and play!! It’s always fun and hella hype. See you guys there!


Come out and play!! Where are all of the students at!?


Not on this site.


I’ll most likely be there w/Flying V and them.I’ll try to get da bum and heroic to come as well.


See, we got FRANK G!! MvC3 Champion at Naptown two weeks ago. Plus, Humbag, Big Marcus, Flexo, myself… hell, we got the best of the best in IL here. If you want quality matches with some of the best in the Midwest in MvC3 and SSF4, you need to be here. Plus, the bar scene and night life is great. It’s a freakin college town.



Brock, I still think you should put up pics of the venue. Or just take pics of this one and put’em up for the next thread




Cmon Scrimps… you know you wanna come and play. Just do it.

Also, I have plenty of room at my place for people that would like to stay the night instead of driving straight back home. Feel free to ask if you need a place to stay for the night.

@Frank: I’m going to get video of the venue and put it up on youtube. I’ll put a link on the thread tomorrow night.


I will go only if scrimps promises to stop being a hipster.


I will go only if Marcus somehow gets scrimps to stop being a hipster.


I should be able to make it out, as long as I have a way to-and-from!


Im only going if you scrubs stop saying “Im only going if…”


I think I can make this!


I might try and come out for this


Awesome!! Look forward to seeing you there.

Also, to all that can bring lag free X360 set ups with copies of SSF4 and/or MvC3, please do!! We only have limited time to finish up as the venue closes at 9pm, so set ups that can help us finish faster are highly appreciated.


3 weeks away!! Get hype.


American Apparel Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck bump!


Less than two weeks away now. This is the place to be for top level SSF4 and MvC3 play in IL. You won’t wanna miss it!!


This is during spring break, and I wont be back by then. Mah bad.


if anyone is going to this from the chicago area, please whip me up for a ride ill play gas money