Unjust Godweapon bannage

Whoopdee do, just got banned from Godweapon cause Roybiesal couldn’t take a joke. Don’t know whats up with you dude, but you need to lighten up, you get offended way too easily. Everything i said was only in jest and i don’t know how posting up a fake game would get you so angry. I think it was more of a case of power trip cause i wouldn’t do what you told me.

Once again it seems like the admins there are only there to ban people instead of being good mods. I had no idea he was an admin, and i wasn’t even given a warning that if i continued i would be banned. Sloppy admining if you ask me.

I know we just had a thread like this a little while ago, so feel free to post up your recent unjust bannings. Just don’t let it get out of hand again.

Heres a petition for everyone to sign to get me unbanned

lol, you arent even telling the whole story r3ko, i watched you in there talking shit to the admin in there. i sat there and watched you talk to him and say, i cum on your moms tits. so don’t even try to weasel your way out of this. and btw, i keep a good eye on people who are in there, and Roy been doing alright so far. stop your lying and maybe things wouldnt be soooo bad…

More bullshit from WSOP the worst admin of them all lol. “Stop my lying” i didn’t lie once in my post. I just decided to leave out the words said as they may offend ppl here. As i said it was all in jest anyway. He just took it personally. Plus the cum on the tits thing was a fake game, meant to get people rattled up. Looks like it worked alittle too well

everything i said was true is it not. he got offended by me posting up fake games so i decided to push his buttons, then wham ban! No idea he was an admin and no warning about ban.

added a petition to get my unbanned


lol whats your point?

Asses are usually the kind to get banned.

That’s pretty funny imo.

I dont see how he should get banned for that

Thank you, person who registered within the past 9 days.

I’m not sure if that’s sarcasm, an insult (somehow), or an actually “thank you”, but whatever.

Well, first off, you did ask for it by repeatedly ignoring his warnings, but that Roy Biesel guy is a serious drama queen. One of those idiots who has to put “>_>” after everything he says.
By making such a big deal of the situation he was actually being more annoying than Reko was.

He flipped out at me as well after I questioned why he was so wound up about something so small. I never told him he couldn’t do what he wanted or that he was overstepping his territory, I just thought it was silly because he seemed like he was getting really pissed off over something stupid.
So he goes on this long tyrade about how he hates people asking about fake games because it clogs up the chat, then proceeds to yell at me in all caps, saying a bunch of shit like “You used to be ok Kyo, but now, etc, etc” like he knew me or something, but I have never ever talked to that guy in my life, and if I have under another name, he wouldn’t tell me what it was, because I ‘didn’t need to know’. How very mature.

Guy is a drama queen.

cygnus, do you play with fugee and his crew?

LMAO! You just said ‘I didn’t do what he asked’, then say you didn’t receive a warning! So do you just make shit up to start a fight? Wow, if someone actually read your post they would have figured out you just made a bunch of shit up. You just claimed ’ i decided to push his buttons’, then you are crying cause you got banned? L-O-Fucking-L…wow r3ko, you really do need to get a life…and stop making shit up, you aren’t cool.

BTW, tell the whole story in it’s true form and maybe someone would believe you.

WSOP you obviously don’t or can’t read. I never knew he was an admin, if i did i wouldn’t have got him so upset. If you thought some random guy who wasn’t an admin was lecturing you in the chat would you not retaliate?

lol i am really bored today

I have a couple times in the past, but I really don’t play Capcom games regularly/seriously, so nope not really.

Thanks to everyone who signed the petition. I got unbanned it looks like, but i was only Godweapon 10 minutes before RoyBisel strikes again, Dude has serious beef with me.

I started a game he joins, he plays and starts acting funny, just continually walking left, then drops. Well someone else was in the game so i just said basically screw that guy and carried on playing. Nex thing i know i am being kicked from game.

Heres the Log

  • RoyBisel joined the partyline!
  • You have been kicked out of the game…
  • r3ko created game: Street Fighter II’ - Champion Edition (World 920313)
    <RoyBisel> hey r3ko, why are you posting garbage in SRK forums?
    <RoyBisel> I just saw that post.
  • You have been kicked out of the game…
    <r3ko> who keeps kicking me out of my own game
    <RoyBisel> do you not see that I am talking to you r3ko?
    <RoyBisel> i saw your post in SRK forums
    <r3ko> yes
    <r3ko> and…
    <RoyBisel> why do you insist on flat lying to people?
    <r3ko> how was i lying
    <RoyBisel> i asked you like 23439 times to not post those fake games
    <RoyBisel> you didnt tell the people that
    <r3ko> yeh i said i was told to stop
    <r3ko> read closer
    <RoyBisel> you didnt tell the people i warned you
    <r3ko> i didn’t know u was an admin
    <RoyBisel> it doesnt matter who i am
    <RoyBisel> I asked you to stop
    <r3ko> so i wasn’t gonna listen to someone i thought was a random guy
    <RoyBisel> very niceyl
    <RoyBisel> obviously you ASSUMED wrong
    <RoyBisel> so therefore
    <r3ko> as if i just let ppl boss me around
    <RoyBisel> you are not welcome in this server
    <r3ko> you didn;t even say u was an admin and that you would ban
    <RoyBisel> yeah i did
    <r3ko> just kept bitching
    <RoyBisel> i told you to stop
    <RoyBisel> so, you should have just stopped
    <r3ko> so your the boss of me
    <RoyBisel> i announced the consequence to you
    <RoyBisel> in this server i am
    <r3ko> i never saw them
    <RoyBisel> right
    <r3ko> i must have been playing…
    <r3ko> thats what i do here
    <RoyBisel> you said you intentionally pushed my buttons
    <r3ko> yep
    <RoyBisel> then you got banned
    <r3ko> cause u get easily worked up
    <RoyBisel> and cried like a little girl?
    <r3ko> it was really funny actually
    <RoyBisel> like i said, you are not welcome anymore in this server
    <r3ko> how someone could take anything said on the internet as serious
    <RoyBisel> adieu sit
    <RoyBisel> sir*
    <r3ko> wtf is your problem
  • r3ko left the partyline (Banned into another DIMENSION!).

Bit which pisses me off the most is this part

Saying i am lying, go back read the first post, i swear godweapon admins can’t read. You never at all said u would ban me if i continued, you never said you was an admin. All i was seeing was some little girl get all worked up by fake games. Saying u stop, stop right now. Blah blah blah.

You make it sound like everyone should listen to you, like your some God. Am i meant to be psychic or just magically know your an admin. Your on some serious powertrip dude. Get over yourself. Plus by kicking me out you ruined not only my game but iiiSRKiii’s game aswell. We were having some real good matches, but cause your the boss you have to ruin it for everyone as you must have my attention right now. Hopefully one day you’ll learn the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Lastlly since when does holding grudges and victimising people after they have already served their punishment count as good admining. I was already banned, so i when i got back on i assumed i had carried out my punishment. I mean they don’t send people to prison twice for a single crime they commit.


You do realize if you would have grown some balls in that last instance and actually appoligized he probably wouldn’t have banned your ass permanently? At this point it doesn’t matter who the hell was right, although it does seem like you were mostly in the wrong, what matters is it happened, and you should have just appoligized and went on with the day. Instead you only further it and thus resulting in getting your ass banned, again.

You need to realize that most people will let shit drop if you appoligize and don’t do it again.

damn straight as soon as he apologises to me, then we can be friends

Anyone thinking that it’s just convenient that there isn’t any other message and that he managed to copy/paste that JUST as he got banned? Meh, just a thought.

And r3ko, do you have any human common sense left in you? Or are you just trying to mess around with random people (answering the first question).

Who are you Hitaro? If you want the entire log i can post it. I just edited out everything which wasn’t to do with me and roy so it would be easier to read.

Hes victimised me. Fair enough i can accept the ban for the first time, woteva, i still think he was wrong to ban me, no warning at all apart from just yelling at me to stop. For all i knew he was just some random guy trying to cause a fight with me. If you don’t like something just ignore it. What i was doing didn’t hurt anyone. Once again for dumbasses like you, he never said he was an admin, never said i would get banned if i continued.

Then he goes and bans me again, for what exactly. I served my punishment but got banned again for what. For playing a game against someone and not seeing his message in the chat, cause guess what i play my games at full screen. Roy has serious issues, I tried contacting him on aim to resolve our problems like men but he just totally ignored me.

So woteva, i got a suspicion your roy anyway. Being a 15 year old punk trolling this thread would explain alot about your behavior.

Anyway I am tired of this all whole thing now. So i am gonna close with Roy your messed up! If you want to sort out our differences aim me on r3kkak3n