Unjust Godweapon bannage

I’m a gamer who believes that around half of the world doesn’t consider anything ever, or at least only considers bad things, and I also believe that I should bother with replying to crappy threads like this one. Deal with it.
And I have free time between songs in Beatmania.

If you would’ve accepted the first ban, then you wouldn’t have started this thread in the first place, especially since your first post sounds like you were pretty pissed off.

Random people have the right to ask you to stop doing something, especially if it’s something that’s against the rules. It’s called citizenship.

Irony is fun.

If it’s against the rules, it’s BOUND to hurt people.

Maybe for starting this thread or to prevent the same thing again? And try playing at a resolution lower than full-screen, 'cause you might miss something important.

If he wanted to discuss about it, he probably would’ve done it here.

lol, no.

Can’t believe i am about to argue with a 15 year old kid who knows absolutely nothing about what is going on

which equals troll.

I accepted the first ban when i got unbanned, pay attention please, or should i speak more slowly for you.

as does everyone have the right to ignore people who try to tell them what to do. Its gotta work both ways dudes. Yes i like irony.

Hmm please show me where its says posting fake games is against the rules please

Also i think you better look up the definition of citizenship.

once agian please show me where its says i can’t post fake games.

wtf, shut up you idiot, i play my games at full screen cause i don’t want to look at game in a tiny little window, playing at full screen lets my enjoy the game more and play better. Wait a second i guess your right, if i play at full screen i might miss the end of the world or something.

Well he did want to dscuss hence why he actually tried justifying himself for like 5minutes on the server before he banned me. So i guess he didn’t want to discuss it here

Yep you got me there, your just a troll

Your quite possibly the dummiest person i have ever replied to, congratulations.
I refuse to talk to you anymore, so i am gonna simply ignore you before my head explodes.

BTW you just got owned incase your too slow to realise.

You have to realize, the only thing he was doing, was fooling around with a fake MAME client and making shit like Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection for the hell of it. Stupid waste of time really, but pretty harmless.

You should’ve been more mature about it Reko, you were asking for a second ban the way you went back in there.
Even so though, Roy has not proved himself to be the most mature person in the server from my talks with him.

He didn’t make the chat up though. I was in the channel while they were talking.

You never said you accepted it once you were unbanned, you just eventually said “I accepted the first ban”.
And you can’t “speak slowly”. You can type slowly but it won’t do anything.

You’re changing the subject.

It’s one of those “unwritten rules of decency”. Don’t act like an ass period.

http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=citizenship&x=0&y=0 Teh zomfg

Someone might be trying to contact you, the server might be closing/rebooting for some reason.
And you playing at 640x480 is small?

People don’t usually bother discussion with trolls, I just feel like reading funny crap.

That would be fun.


I figured, but I have a bit of free time, so it pretty much doesn’t bother me at all.

It’s still not a reason to ban him. It’s a chat for crying out loud. He should be able to do almost anything he wants. As long as it’s not crashing any programs or making it impossible to read/type.

Apologizing would’ve been mature on r3ko’s part, but to be honest… he has no obligation to do so in my book.

If you see monkeys going crazy and you go crazy as well…you are just another monkey. Now people are getting banned for playing with fake games? Since when was that illigal? Seriously, nobody cares if its get a life or half life 2 on kaillera. Unless you are totally stupid, you would not buy into it anyway.

The point is he was asked to stop and did not. Even if it was not an admin asking, why would you continue to keep making fake games when you someone asked you not to? There was no reason to do so unless you were looking to cause trouble and be a jerk.

I do not understand why internet people are not normal. How hard is it to join a server, talk in the chat, and play a game? I did not know scrolling, making fake games, and trash talking was part of the deal. I guess they are so bored and pathetic that they need attention? Admins are there to keep order. Yes we are strict. As I said before, admins DO NOT randomly use their powers. You, the user, give us a reason to. If you do not want to get banned, then act effing normal. I forget that 90% of kaillera are adolescents. This is the age where they think they are always right and never wrong.

Including the admins aparently.

Suprafast you susprise me, the trashtalk only came about when roy started endlessly bitching about the fake games, other people where having a good laugh. It was fun, and to roy seemed like a random guy just trying to boss me about, when i was doing something harmless.

I don’t know how i deserved a second ban though, all i was doing was playing a game, which is what i am meant to be doing right? I went in there started up my game and roy joined in on my game with iisrkii, i didn;t mind having 3 players but then he dropped without saying a word, next thing i know i am being kicked from my games.

After speaking with NOX on aim, i was pretty much told that Roy pays for the server and that i just have to accept it. So i have to let my self by victimised now and be banned forever. The only solution for me to be unbanned is to donate to the server. So i have to pay to get back on there. No thanks. Fortunately Godweapon is not my main server, but i do really feel sorry for other guys who have no choice but to put up bullshit like that.

I have no intention of apologising, i did nothing wrong and i didn’t break any rules. You can say all you want about me pissing off an admin, but like he said himself i assumed wrong. I can’t help but think he kept his admin status from me so that he would have an excuse to ban me in his eyes. Well congratulations Roy, you won, you got me out of the server, you want to go have a party now?

how do u open fake games?

i’ll even quote myself:

“Admins are there to keep order. Yes we are strict. As I said before, admins DO NOT randomly use their powers. You, the user, give us a reason to.”

obviously things go wrong when admins overlook their purpose and think they are teh siht or something that they can ban people just for not taking their advise. Unless its some hollywood movie, even police would not do that. Whatever he was doing carries no potential risk for him or anyone else and it does not interfere with any of their duties and is not against any law.


dsa.exe under “testing_binarie” folder. Make up your games by editting “games.dat” files in that folder and paste a copy of any kaillera client dll in that folder for it to work.

Wins thread. :rofl:

Ok, I’ve sat here and let this go on for quite long enough. R3ko, I have nothing against you, but I will not sign your petition, nor will I back you up in this dispute. You’re cool with me, but I cannot help you here.

WSOP, Supra, hell, GW admins in general, same goes for you as well. I like you all, I have nothing against any of you, but I will not back anyone up in a dispute over a server.

Why am I reminded of Full Metal Jacket while watching this GW vs everyone thing progress? (This is my server. There are many like it, but this one is mine) Shit, people, you all need to realize that SRK is being used as a gathering point for players. If you have a dispute with specific admins ON THEIR SERVER, then take that to the site, and CALMLY discuss it. I’m getting sick of seeing Admin banned this, user did that threads. The sooner people realize that it is their server, and they can do what they like with it, no matter if you think it’s fair or not, the better.

Say I created a server. It was the best server ever! No lag, nothing. Say I only allowed SRK members into it. Nobody would complain, would they? Say I started adding rules upon rules to it? There might be a few complaints, but nothing I couldnt handle. It gets to a point however, that the bitching becomes too much. Also on the other hand, it gets to the point as well where there can be too many rules. What you all need to do is find a happy medium. Come up with a clear list of rules, and be careful who you let moniter the server. And to the payers, follow the rules and don’t bitch if you break them.

That is all I have to say about the matter. If the arguements continue, I will close this thread, and delete any others that spring up about the matter. Settle your dispute PEACEFULLY, WITHOUT name calling, etc. and everyone will be happy.

:smile: why does everyone think that Godweapon is the only server on Kaillera. If you get banned on GW then just go to another server…big fucken deal.

Because we don’t like waiting 20-30 minutes waiting for someone to join the no name server, much less join your game.

heh this is fun but how do i change the emulator name so ppl will see MAME32K under the “version” and not dsa?

I don’t see what the argument is here…someone was trying to be annoying, and they succeeded in annoying some admin, so the admin acted from that annoyance. There was nothing useful that was going to come out of doing that anyway. It’s like those guys in the server that ONLY shit talk and do nothing that would benefit the server…since those people do not provide anything positive for the server, only degenerating the community, then they have no reason to be there (even though they didn’t technically violate a rule that was written).

Emil your totally right, but i still don’t know hwy i got banned the second time, i wasn’t doing anything other than play a game. And why Roy would need to spend a lifetime talking to me before he banned me, why not just ban me on the spot. Is he just trying to prove how great and powerful he is.

Anyway i’m done with godweapon now. Nox basically said to me Roy helps to pay for the server so he can whatever he wants, so deal with it. The only way i can get back on now is if i pay to get elevated status. And that aint happening.

Ha. This makes me reminisce the time something rather amusing happened to me on the server. I had been warned once by WSOP for questioning his authority on one occasion but I believe there was only time I was ever banned and I have no idea by who. It happened about a year ago when some kid asked a question about getting admin status.

some kid: Hey how do I get admin status?
DRADIX : Seems like all you have to do is drop a dollar. Ha.

Then all of a sudden… You have been kicked from the server

Judging the recent events it seems like I was right, Ha. I am not going to pick sides on this but after the first banning Roy simply felt insulted by your post and decided to get you back. But hey, he helps pay the bills so you just have to accept it whether “right or wrong.” This leads to my question… Who are all the admins on GW? I know of Supra (who was a great help), Nox, Bobo, Shiro, Rushed, Eiji (where have you been for KOF96?!), WSOP and now Roy. But I guess there are more. Let me know.