Unknown acronyms


There are a few acronyms that I have heard around the forums here for things that I don’t understand. I’ve heard TK’ed and OTG both used and have know idea what they mean if someone will parden me beening a new and explain this I would be grateful.


OTG= Either on the ground or off the ground, i forgot which one.


TK is tiger knee for the old motion for it. It’s when you wanna do an air move right after you leave the ground. For example, Akuma does d,df,f,uf+p and gets an air fb that comes out basically right when he jumps.


Ok thank you for your help those two where really bugging me.


otg = off the ground

source= sonic hurricane


here’s some u probibly have heard

RAPE- when u own someone
OWN- when u rape someone

Scrub- look in mirror


Uh-oh somebody’s got jokes!