Unknown Buttons on an arcade question! Help me out

There used to be a Marvel vs Capcom 2 cabinet here at our local mall. I played there a lot and now of course with all the joystick fanatics out there its disease has spread to me. I’m building a joystick and of course I’ve looked through many guides on which buttons are recommended in getting and such. I know the brands and some of the key differences.

Okay, with that cleared up. I was wondering what button model of either Sanwa or Semitsu the arcade MVC2 was using at my local arcade. They were running the arcade on a red New Astro City cabinet. They closed down the arcade for quite some time and I was quite young at the time so I didn’t know all of the information about joysticks/buttons as I know now. I know for sure that the joystick was a LS-40 Semitsu due to me remembering that the whole joystick was the color yellow and the feel was not that of Happ.

The troubling part is the buttons part. I’ve bought two custom joysticks and yes they work great but the buttons on them didn’t feel the same as if I remembered from the MVC2 cabinet. What made me remember that they weren’t is because on the MVC2 cabinet, when you slid your hands across to buttons to mash for more hits on MVC2, it was down right smooth.

The two custom joysticks I bought had one of them use the OBSF-24 Sanwa White buttons. This one didn’t feel that good sliding my hands across it to mash for extra hits for MVC2. My hand kept getting caught between the buttons due to the plunger being kind of high. The buttons feel good to press down but the slide mashing doesn’t feel smooth.

The other joystick uses the PS-14-K-N Semitsu Clear White buttons. I know that cause the design of the picture can be seen through the buttons. These when being slid on my hand to mash doesn’t feel comfortable. It feels a little sticky in a sense when I slide to mash them. Pressing on them feels fine as the Sanwa ones too though.

With trying both of these recommended buttons I don’t feel as if they were the ones used at the arcades. Maybe they were but maybe the brand was different or something? My question is can anyone try to help me figure out what the buttons were used or what buttons feel good as I slide my whole hand across and feel that smoothness.

It is asking a lot of I know, but I really want those smooth buttons for a good solid mash when I slide my hand on it in MVC2.

*A little thing I remember about the buttons at the arcade that the plunger was really curved. The plungers ends were flat when they reached the cylinder but were still convex buttons and the plunger (face of the button) was quite low so your hands wouldn’t be caught between the buttons for a smooth mash.

Thanks in advance.

Seimitsu PS-14-G perhaps?


I was thinking those maybe too, but the plunger I remember on the arcades were REALLY curved. It was like a hemisphere from the top of the plunger to the button of the plunger until it hit the cylinder. When I take a look at these buttons I can’t really tell if its exactly if I remember or pictured. Maybe these were the buttons though, who knows. I’ll give it a look and find somethings on it. I do remember the color of the buttons being yellow.

Does anyone know what makes the button smooth? I don’t mean as in the feel of the button but when you slide across them. Whats the inner part that determines how smooth the feeling is when being pressed? If someone can’t figure out the button that was in the arcade can you at least tell me a good brand or your own personal opinion of a button that feels smooth when slid across?

It could have been knockoffs of Japanese buttons.

Were they soft to press and not clicky like Happ buttons?

Seimitsu PS-14-GN’s plungers are curved.


Might be just your hands get a lot sweatier than they did back then. Baby/talcum powder up your hands before you play.

Haha, I’ve been playing long enough to know that. I don’t get sweaty hands like other players really.

Yeah they were softer buttons. I don’t think they were knockoff parts cause I played with a ton of knockoff parts to know the difference. They might have been Semitsu buttons if I do think about it now though and looking through the pics again. I mean I know the joystick they used was a Semitsu so why would they bother putting in another brand of buttons? Meh I dunno though. I’ll look through some more stuff but I might try the PS-14-G-N Semitsu buttons.

Have you tried using them before? How’s the feel?

*Thanks for all the help.

Maybe Seimitsu PS-15s?