Unknown error with my computer... could be serious

Just got a new custom computer about a week ago, and…

The only strange thing thats happening to my computer at the moment is, well…

Of course know about the two lights in front of the tower. First light shows that the power is on, and the second light blinks whenever something is happening in your computer.
Well, I dunno how long this has been happening (could’ve been from the start for all I know), but the second light has blinks every second for no reason really. It’s strange because when it blinks like this it does not make a sound at all… its like the heartbeat of the motherboard or something.

It does not effect anything I’m doing (or so I hope so), but what could it mean?
I checked with all my virus scanners, reg scanners, and what not but they all show up with no threats.

The only strange thing I’ve encountered while I had my computer was an issue with Windows Update.

After updating my Norton 2006, it asked me to hit “Ok” to restart my computer so the updates can take a full effect. Well, I didn’t bother hitting “Ok”, instead I went ahead and went to windows update and decided to hit two birds with one stone seeing as how after the windows update I was going to be asked to restart anyways.
The update gave me a bunch of Hotfixes and Security programs that my windows supposedly needed. Once the downloading started, I went to bed.

When I woke up to check out my computer, I notice that Norton was corrupted and demanded that it should be re-installed. Not only that, but for some odd reason the windows update files stopped installing itself. And any attempts in installing the updates would give me a “failed” installment. So after re-installing Norton 2006, my updates continued to give me a “failed” installment errors. Once I restarted again and attempted a second time, all of a sudden the files were able to install. But what tripped me out was the fact that each file was 0 KB, yet it somehow was able to install itself.

Could this have been the problem?
If so, how do I undo the problem?
Or am I just paranoid? lol.

I can tell you that’s got nothing to do with the light: that problem is simple: you’re using Windows and Norton Antivirus.

www.avast.com for an antivirus that actually protects your machine.
www.ubuntu.com for an operating system that will work better, but it depends on what you’re using it for. :wink:

Anyway, the light is probably just mis-wired, at least that’s my guess. It makes no sense that the HD access light is blinking like that unless it’s a wiring problem.

The second light on the front of your PC is a hard drive activity indicator. What you are describing is perfectly normal.

Whenever a program requests a system reboot, you can generally continue working on the system without any consequence (using programs, opening files, saving files, etc). However, continuing to do more installs is a definite no-no, as you’ve seen. Updates modify the registry, and I would speculate that Norton and Windows modified some of the same registry entries. Without rebooting Norton before proceeding to Windows Updates, Norton is expecting different values that what are now present, in order to continue working properly. That’s the layman’s explanation, at least…I’m sure some software guru could give a much more detailed reason as to why your application(s) became corrupted. Bottom line, you will have to re-install Norton.

Alright, as long as what I’m going thru is normal.

But, how much better is avast or ubuntu compare to Norton? Do they take up less resources but give just as good protection?

Also, It looks like ubuntu is free, but is that really the better choice?

I could say that norton is one of the best ones, but also expensive and takes lots of power of your CPU. I would recommend AVG, free and works fine.

Yeah, <3 Norton but it does take up alot of resources.

I’ve used AVG, but I don’t know if it truly fully protects my comp compared to Norton =(

NOD32 FTW!!! The only prob with NOD32 is that it causes probs with some torrent clients. But there is a simple way to fix it. All u have t do is set the folder with the client to the ignore list and your done. NOD32 is by far the best Antivirus i have ever used.

Ever since I started using AVG, I’ve never had any virus problems. I’ll get the occasional mal/spyware from people surfing the net on my comp, but AVG usually catches it.

Well, I checked the wired and uninstalled Norton as well as the updates I gave to my computer.

It still gives off that dim blinking like every second.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have both my CD-Drive and my Hard Drive plugged in with SATA cords?
I disconnected my CD-Drive to see what will happen, and the strange thing was that the blinking got so dim to the point where you have to be up close to it to see it blink.
Never knew about this…

Hope this is all normal ;(
Gonna re-install my windows update and Norton for now.

EDIT: Still, its kind of annoying =/

You say the problem is Norton but you suggest Avast? wtf dude?

Best free av software out there are Avira and AVS. If you wanna pay, check this out

well, IMO there is no problem with you PC.


ah yes first time noob builders. nothing wrong with that however credit should be given for trying That’s what counts in my book.