Unknown exotic animal found

that thing looks mad weird

not really unknown.

Looking into the eyes of that monstrosity stirred up a deep, primal fear in me, which I cannot rationally explain. There’s something fundamentally unsound about the way it moves, like a living, constant protest to God above, an affront to the natural world and physical laws of science of the reality we live in.


da fuck?

they’re pretty cute actually, lol

I would love to see some box with boxing gloves, of course on their consent and not being forced at all by other animals(humans).

thats what happens when compaines dump gallons and gallons of chemical waste into the environment.

*radios in * that went well. **Roger! **radios out

I think hes cute!


Really that thing looks so cool.

Oh it’s just a Mara… Darn, I was hoping for a Rhinoctopus.

Sounds like a Pokemon, in-game. “GFHJUURIRJKKLLL!”

Follow up story - this is what they discovered after

I wonder what it taste like…


They look cool, kind of like a rabbit worth having…

pretty cute. :lovin:

Aww shit son you almost had me drooling. :rofl:

This thing is adorable. I love the sound it makes.

Fuck exotic animals that no one has seen.

Isn’t that how Dead Alive started?

i want one so i can have a “beware of patagonian mara” on my door/fence/window