Unlearning the game, losing against mega low players

Hello, I’m facing a real issue these days (for about 2 weeks now), i seem to be unlearning the basics of SF4.
I’m losing skills in every domain of the game, my reflexes get worse, my execution gets worse, my mindgame (if i ever had any) gets worse, I lose against players that I can say honestly have 0 clue of what they are doing or what they should do. I’ve just lost against a juri that was spamming shikusen whole first round, i won this one, so I assumed he was a complete noob, i relaxed and he got me the second and third round with a mix of shikusen and a basic combo that i didnt even know about with juri, or actually that i knew about but that i’m so unlearning and forgetting things about this game it’s like some things are totally new to me again.

TBH i’m a mediocre player and i’ve always been, but i’ve managed to find a gameplay that i don’t find satisfying because i’m missing so many things, but that still can bring me some intense moments, and that is what the most important for me in this game and in any game in general, the feeling that i surpassed myself. These days I have the exact opposite feeling, like I’ve -insert opposite word of “to surpass”- myself, this is a very annoying and frustrating feeling.

How can I get back into the virtuous learning and liking circle ? Right now I dislike playing the game most of all, still I don’t want to quit because I think I haven’t reach my full potential yet.

Sorry for approximative english.

Stop playing for a while. Aka, take a break. Go back with a clear head in about 3 or 4 days.

Focus on blocking and anti airing and not jumping in on people. If you can solidly anti air most jumpin and deal with fire balls you should be able to win. I would say being good with antiairs is a easy to learn skill that most people sleep on that will allow you to beat people that Don’t learn. Really all you need to do is block and anti air jump ins to beat the bottom 3rd of players.

Most players simply walk backwards then spam a random attack when the other person is walking forwards. It’s what beginners do but feel free to try it though it wont work on everyone.

Stop playing online. It makes you worse.

Well if you are plying online I recommend highly that you find good players to play with and learn things,chances are good players know more good players,so on and so forth.Also it sounds like you may need to take a break for a bit,I find that playing this game a lot for a prolonged period of time,your mind becomes cluttered when playing,sometimes taking a break and coming back will make it much easier to think straight in matches and after matches as to why you lost ect.

This is about right. It’s important to give yourself a time to digest material. Take a break and you’ll be able to see clearly again.

And I don’t think there’s a way to lose skills, its just at lower levels there’s a higher level of variance - matchups [I HATE BISON sorta spiel] are the most likely culprit

P.S. Online is shit. TRUF

Go ahead and unlearn the game. We need more KOFXIII players. You interested?

So some of you suggest to stop playing for a while, I was thinking about it so I will certainly do that. Also kayoframtrapolice suggests me to stop playing online, does that mean playing in training mode ? I’ve had a very hard time at my beginnings in training mode, my work in training mode is far from being complete but how can one enjoy playing in training mode, i don’t understand :frowning:

The way you learn a game is this…

Go into training mode and figure shit out.
Go into a match, online or off to see if it works.

If works: Go into training mode and build on it.
If doesn’t work: Go into training mode and learn something new.

That’s pretty generic…there is a lot of stuff you can do offline that just doesn’t work consistently online. On the other hand, there is a metric shit ton of stuff you can get away with online that wouldn’t fly offline. You want to get better at this game from playing primarily online, then you’re going to have to condition yourself to play two different games.

This ^^


Exactly. Gtfo of your house and play with people offline if possible. Online will condition you to have bad habits and shit that generally doesn’t work offline. Not to mention online warriors are scrubs for the most part.

Whether I win or lose online… I don’t feel good… I typically lose from lag and my dropping combos that I (almost)never drop offline.
I win, and I question whether or not they had those two issues that I lose from, and wonder if my win was reputable win.

it helps when you sleep in the afternoon for 1-2 hours. then you play much better

This is truer than you think. The natural patter of sleep for humans is actually not just once a day. Even a short nap (20-30 minutes) in the afternoon will make you perform much better the rest of the day. You don’t even need to “sleep”, you can just lie down, block out noise and light, and relax for that time and it will still help.

Here’s a neat link:

Yea take a break and do Training or even play other games. I had like a months break to clear up other games i had bought but not played simply because of SF, come back and was better than i was before i stopped! But yea once i play some scrubby noob it completely messes me up, both with high sodium level but also just every game afterwards i for some reason play poorly

Online play is the easiest way to play the game against a real person. Going to an arcade can be a hassle given the rarity of a good “local arcade scene” for many people. So don’t hate!

I like your username

Real talk, have you ever thought that maybe you’re not that mediocre of a player if you lose to these so call “mega low players”?

Epitome of scrub mentality. Good shit.

This ^^ and an easy way of getting in a lot of games. It’s just a learning process that takes time. A lot of time.