Unleash the Elements: The Storm Team Building Thread



I want to discuss which characters you guys thinks Storm would have strong synergy with, may it be assists, DHCs or just natural team chemistry. Post your ideas or teams you like to use her in and why.

Lets get this thing started.


I like use her in Storm/X-23/Sent. Whirlwind assist complements Sent and X as her whirlwind beats out most projectiles, provides cover for approach, and mirage feint mixups. She can Elemental Rage then DHC into Silent Kill or HSF for the DHC trick. She’s a good battery for the team.


I personally love storm with Chris. I don’t know why exactly, but I tried this once when I was playing around and they just seemed to flow together IMO.


I find that storm mixes really well with any team tbh, she is rather versatile and can DHC in or out of almost every single hyper in the game, can build a surprising amount of meter, and while she is at her best with meter can still be played effectively without it. With that said I think her and amateratsu is a particularly potent combination, cold star further compliments storms rushdown whilst whirlwind helps ammy keep away. The only real flaw I see storm having as a teammate, is a collection of meh assists tbh.


Wolverine(slash) Storm(whirlwind) Sentinel(drones)

So many DHC options and if storm and one of the other guys are still alive I can mange to utilize the DHC glitch from almost any combo opening.

Start a combo with any char, air combo switch to Storm, end air combo with :s: OTG with Elemental Rage, DHC glitch into Wolverines :d::d::atk:atk: or Sentinels :qcb::atk:atk:, finish combo accordingly… boom 100% combo

Plus IDK if there is a better keep away game than Storms Whirlwind at head height with Sentinels drone assist, even if they manage to get in they will get pushed back past half screen if they encounter a whirlwind

Ill post my bnbs in the combo thread


Logan Storm Sent teams are a dime a dozen now. All kinds of creative possibilities and this is all you see…


^haha. yep thats it. Just cant think of anyhting creative. infact my scalp is sore from scratching my head so much.
except noone had to tip me off to the team, Its just who I like. Just so happens there the most DHC glitch freindly team.
so suck it

neg rep


Lol someone took my post personally

I plan to run this team until (if) they patch the DHC glitch. If they do patch it I will likely trade Wolverine for Mags

Since you wanna make it about you, it sure doesn’t sound like you like that team. It sounds like your all about the dhc glitch, you know considering every post you have made in both threads are about nothing but the dhc glitch dhc glitch dhc glitch. All I know is some ppl get real sensitive over some dumb shit on this site


work it out buddy and when your finished we can go back to focusing on MVC3. Maybe you should talk with your schools guidance counsoler.

btw. im fine with my team and if I wasnt trying to maximize on the anlready outstanding potential of the team I choose to rock then Id be as foolish as you, with your original team. Team obscurity


If I was a thirty year old and talked like this, Id probably have bigger problems than finding a good team on Marvel


ok man can we stop this argument now. we are soiling this thread.
Lets focus on storm teams here.

if you wanna argue with me do it in PM


I’m running Storm/Dormammu/X-23. I can DHC Hail Storm -> Chaotic Flames to end combos and tag or Floating Bomb -> Hail Storm for cheap. Storm fast overheads and X-23 low assist make some good mix ups and Whirlwind + Dark Hole helps me zonning when needed.

I don’t that’s the best use of Storm, but I’m having fun with this team. XD


I’ve been playing around with Wesker/Storm/Phoenix lately (I finally buckled and built a Phoenix team for shits and giggles) with relatively good success. Wesker is a gdlk battery, Storm’s Whirlwind gives him great cover to get in, and he can teleport to the over side of the opp for a crossup and it pushes them toward him (which is just plain mean, lol). Storm I use mostly for runaway, using Phoenix’s TK Trap assist to catch people trying to jump over Storm’s whirlwinds. And I’m working on Rushdown Storm so I can abuse that Samurai Edge assist too…

Phoenix is obviously the core of the team (she pretty much has to be to work right). But I refuse to just keep her as an anchor for DPh, I switch her in the SECOND I get five bars and scare the crap out of people by rushing down with a character no one in their right minds wants to kill, lol. Plus Whirlwind and Samurai Edge make both her zoning and rushdown better :smiley:


Team Crazy Eyes

I use storm (whirlwind), Wesker (samurai edge) and Taskmaster (horizontal arrows). This team is great for dhc cuz anyone can dhc into anyone. Plus I can use the dhc damage reset trick with wesker of taskmaster as long as storm is alive. Wesker is great for unblockable setups with his gun since storm has a great j.m as an instant overhead. Taskmaster is good cuz he gives my another projectile option n he’s a great anchor imo. Please rate my team.


^you should post up your DHC Glitch combos for Storm/Wesker and Storm/Taskmaster in the combo thread. Im just interested to see what other ppl are doing.
I just posted up my Storm/Taskmaster DHC Glitch combo in there yesterday with damage and meter data.



DHC, drones for solid rush downs and storm assist for relaunch when sentinel’s out is just too much to pass out. I personally use storm/sentinel/dorm in that order. The DHC definately makes up for the damage she lacks in her combos.


What kind of relaunches are you running with Sent + Storm? Do they give Sent a significant damage boost on his BnBs? I’ve been playing Sent + Whirlwind, but I’m definitely open to switching that shit up – even though it works, it doesn’t seem to be a particularly powerful assist for Sentinel.


I’m talking about her Y assist. Idk the name lol it’s the whirlwind that shoots verticle. If you do sent’s BnB, as soon as you land call her and then dash and do rocket punch. If you timed it right she launches your enemy into the air and then you can immediately j:s: and score another ground bounce for another rocket punch into anything. With her assist you’ll do around 500k+ w/o any meter and it builds more meter since you’re extending the combo.

Usually what I do after BnB is :a1: dash, RP, j:s:,:s:,sj:s: and go for the reset.


What do you guys think of Storm as an anchor? Is storm xfactor hailstorm still viable tactic? And can she rush/get in good enough on her own?


I’m interested in hearing what others think of Storm as anchor as well.

And I’m not sure if I’m understanding your question about xfactor hailstorm correctly, but I’d say 2 things about it. First, its chip damage speaks for itself. Second, if your opponent is reckless/predictable with assists, it can gib them.
Just make sure you cover its lengthy startup or a smart opponent will just stuff its activation. If she’s your anchor, this can be a little trickier to do simply due to a lack of assists for cover.

But back to the main point…please others share your thoughts on Storm as anchor (and other positions if you’re so inclined).