Unlike Vergil, Evo ain't cheap


Like the title says, Evo can be pretty damn pricey, and if your wallet is feeling light then Vegas might not be too kind. Hell, last year that dude selling 2 waters for a buck was my best friend during the grand finals.
That being said, I found that sharing rooms with other competitors is pretty damn useful, and a cool experience. Hell, it worked for me and my friend last year, and we ended up meeting some cool new people in the fgc.
So if anyone or two people don’t mind sharing a room for a few nights send me a message and we’ll go from there.


Evo/Vegas is cheap if you stay at the right place and eat at the right places. Unless you’re gambling your ass off you shouldn’t be spending a ton of money there unless you don’t have a job or are in a dire financial situation. Evo used to do a survival guide for Vegas that shows how you can spend your money frugally while you’re there.

I don’t really vacation or buy much stuff so I just usually happen to have money by the time Evo comes around. Mostly just for eating and the occasional stripper.