Unlimited unfly mode?

When u get unfly, u only can do like 4 or 5 unflies, everyone knows that, also everyone knows that when u make in fly mode the string lk, Hp, unfly into what ever after you unfly mode expires, your unfly continues, so yesterday i was in training mode and I was just practicing sentinel unfly semi - infinite ( launch lk, ff, lk, hp, unfly lk repeat since ff), I was wondering about how many hits you can do on this semi-infinite, so i just continued doing it… and continued… and continued… until the other character (doom) just dizzied away, it was just about the 53 hits, then i tried again with other character (juggernaut)… the same hapened, then with mag… the same, I was gonna post “Sentinel really has an unfly COMPLETE infinite” but today i tried again and only could get like 20 or 30 hits and my unfly mode just expired, may be it was just a glitch, but may be it can be done in a match, does any one can help to know how to do this glitch or what ever it was, also to know if this is reliable? Thanks

top players know and have known about this…i wouldn’t call it a glitch just because…i dont know, just doesn’t seem like one…but they have known about it for awhile (like 4-5 years i guess).

the way it works is like you said, off of a f.lk, f.fp string OR a f.lp, f.fp string. the main “catch” to this extended unfly is that you can’t have lost unfly due to teching a throw or normal jumping (or any other way your normally lose unfly). you have to “lose” your unfly through using it completely up.

but its great when you discover something yourself, you tend to use/abuse it more therefore making your game that much better.

Oh!!! thanks by your answer dude, and yes it’s true it must be great to abuse about it… lol