Unlock-all-characters cheats; do they work online?

I suck online, my win/loss in both player and ranked matches is like 5 to 53. SO I want to unlock Seth to help give me an edge, but playing through arcade mode with all the characters is so boring even on easiest: 1 round: 30 seconds. I know there are cheats to unlock all characters “permanently” but does that apply to online play?

why dont you test and see by yourself?
dont take more than 1 minute


what the hell are you talking about?

I’m not going to do it if it bans my account or something. I want to know for certainty

I can’t imagine why a character unlock cheat wouldn’t unlock the characters for you online

But, I didn’t know there WAS a character unlock cheat. I thought games have given up cheats.

Playing seth when ur not good at the game will not only make u lose faster but you’ll do it in record time. Also who is that in your avatar, looks like the face of someone who sucks at street fighter and someone i’d hate if i ever met

He probaly think Seth have same health in online and arcade mode.

How mutch health do Seth have in aracade mode? 1200?

Looks like a french bum imo.

Only if you play the PC version. The utilities to unlock stuff like characters are found easy enough, just hit up SFIV’s mod site.

Also, Seth only has 750 health. He’s not even remotely as powerful as CPU Seth. He’s an advanced character to use. If you’re losing that much, learning the game’s fundamentals will help you considerably more than just hopping on the top-tier bandwagon. Make sure you’ve got a solid grasp of reversal windows, punish combos, anti-airing, spacing, blocking, tick-throws, mixups and proper Ultra setups for your chosen character. After you’ve got those down pat, you’ll start taking newer players to town in your sleep.

Seth breaks like a twig in actual play as opposed to the CPU. Seriously, I wouldn’t bother.

When the game launched I used to win 75% of the time and since going back to SFIV I only win like 20% of the time. Deal with it and if you cannot unlock all the characters on the game Seth is not going to help at all. I suck at SFIV but I realize I have not put in the time to be a great player online.

The dudes still playing SFIV online are quite skilled and always leave you room to learn how to improve.

same health , i remember killing set with just a RBG and UAB

Arcade mode Seth’s stamina goes up with each difficulty setting, think he’s at 750 on easy and around 1200 on hard.

Unlock cheat for PC works perfectly fine online. I’ve been using it along with a no cd work around on my laptop (since it’s a hassle lugging the CD around with my laptop) for a good while with literally no consequences to my account. The only thing they really seem to care about is whether you have a legit cd key as proof that you’ve purchased the game or not. Not entirely too sure if costume mods would work online though.