Unlock Codes for mvc2 arcade not working, some help!


Our local arcade finally opened up on friday and we went to unlock all the characters using the codes. we were able to get the first code to work. the second code does not work. we tried everything from slow input, fast input, and we tried it a good 10 times or more and nothing. has anyone been able to get these codes to work and are we doing something wrong? because me and a friend tried the code over and over and it just doesn’t work and everyone is frustrated because we wanna play with sentinel, megaman and a few others and everyone has to use MSP till we get sentinel at least, and the colors too. i know it’s the usa version and it is naomi.


How about this


that’s the one i’m referring to… the first code worked but the second code doesn’t. we tried it plenty of times together and nothing. i’m gonna try some japanese codes i found in the mvc2 category and see what happens but it doesn’t make any sense, how can the first one work and not the second. we know we are inputing it right because we doubled check after every input so, WTF!!!:wtf:


mash them in?


tried the codes again yesterday and nothing. someone know why they ain’t working… :frowning:


Open up the system and start hitting that credit button. Few thousand presses and you will have everybody open. If you get a few guys willing to put in the time and take turns it will only take a few hours.


I think there is a difference in unlock codes depeding on what region the board is from. Try searching for a different region unlock code. I think they were listed on sega naomi dot com


check this page for details