Unlocked iphone work with T-mobile?

Does anybody know or own a unlocked iphone that works with T-mobile? My phone is dieing on me and I’m interested in an iphone but don’t want AT&T’s crappy coverage here in Utah. Can anybody let me know the problems of dong this or if it has to be unlocked again when their are updates. Need to know the good and bad. If you guys have good informational links that would be greatly appreciated because everything I’ve found is from 2008 but not sure if its still the same with the newest software updates. Thanks.

Yes, but, if you get a 3G, the 3G won’t work. It’ll only see an EDGE connection. This is because TMobile and AT&T use different 3G networks.

i dont know about the 3g, but the older 2g models you can update to the latest firmware and still jailbreak and unlock the phone. it works perfectly fine on t-mo.

so it doesn’t really matter if i get a 2g iphone i can still get the new 3.0 updates no problem? I learned about the different 3g frequency’s but if i can still download apps and surf the web well I’m OK with it.

dont know about the jailbreak/unlock process on 3.0, but you can do it on the firmware right before that, 2.2.1. might want to check out the forums on www.modmyi.com

3.0 isn’t out yet but I’m sure when it is people will find a way to jailbreak it as well.

If you are comfortable with doing various firmware updates, enjoys customising and don’t mind tweaking on a regular basis then go for the 3G version, starting to be discounted these days anyways… but like theBAYsics says it will only work with firmware 2.2.1 AFAIK

The 2G has a hardware unlock whereas the 3G version is still only software unlock… that means that if you accidentally update to the latest official firmware you risk making the 3G iphone unlockable in the future. Also, if you run into trouble with the software you may have to do a complete “custom” restore to get it back up and running. Also, all this depends on how easy/cheaply to still obtain a 3G iphone that is <= to the 2.2.1 firmware nowadays.

If you don’t mind not having the 3G version or want a simply life then go for the 2G version.

NOTE: 3.0 betas have been jailbroken already…

Yeah, should be fine, using a 2G now.

My friend uses an unlocked phone on T-Mobile. He doesn’t have an internet plan though, so I don’t know how that will work out for you.

If you get an iPhone 2G, you can Unlock all versions up to 2.2.1 OS.
For iPhone 2G, can Jailbreak all versions up to 2.2.1 OS, include 3.0 Beta if want.
For iPhone 3G, can Jailbreak can be all versions up to 2.2.1 OS, include Beta 3.0 if want.
For iPhone 3G, can Unlock ONLY version 2.2 OS, 2.2.1 CANNOT be Unlocked directly.

Unlock for iPhone 3G by Dev-Team is called yellowsn0w.
yellowsn0w only works with 02.28.00 Baseband.
You get 02.28.00 Baseband with 2.2 OS.

The first thing that happens when you touch 2.2.1 OS is a Baseband upgrade.
It will go from 02.28.00 to 02.30.03 Baseband.
yellowsn0w will not work it it.

The only way to make 2.2.1 OS work with yellowsn0w is to create a custom .ispw file.
This custom .ipsw will allow you to upgrade to 2.2.1 OS while keeping the Baseband from 2.2 OS.

BUT if you did accidentally upgrade to 2.2.1 OS, there is chance you can downgrade Baseband.
It was last week, April 12-18 week, that a solution was found to downgrade Baseband.
But it will ONLY work if your iPhone 3G has 5.08 Bootloader.

I know someone who has one and when they called
tmoble they were awhere he had an iphone, and they
didnt even seem to care. I am assuming they do not want
loose customers to att&t. I have used various other unlocked phones
and never had a problem with tmoble.

i use a 2g and its been the best phone i ever had… im running OS 2.2.1 to lazy to upgrade nor is it worth it… 3.0 beta has been jailbroken… so when the real releast for 3.0 i give it a few days before its jailbroken and unlocked… unless apple went ahead and tried to update the baseband… =[

all you need to do is go to www.hackint0sh.org go to iphone section and read about quickpwn and very important if you have a 3g to not update baseband or you will have a 600 dollar itouch… =)

and to answer one of your questions every time you want to update no OS you have to jailbreak it again but its a simple process once you did it already! goodluck!