Unlocking colors?


How do you unlock the extra colors for everyone? I haven’t seen anything else posted about this anywhere so I figure I’d ask some of the other people on here who got it early like myself.


Colors are not in game unlockable. They are purchased through DLC. Same goes for glasses. Only things that are unlockable are announcers and navigators. Navigators are very hard to unlock so you can buy those through dlc if you want.


…how does everyine already have the game is my question


Early leaks from stores.


Any leak stores in Iowa xD?


Oh ok, thanks for the info. Any idea how to unlock navigators then? The idea of Nanako commentating my matches is pretty damn cool if you ask me.


So wait, ALL colors are cash DLC only? Or just some of them?

I mean default Mitsuru is cool and all, but still…


Ah…And when will the DLC be up? Is it going to come up with the launch of the game, or be staggered?


I think in Japan the DLC pack was launched on the same day of release so most likely we’ll be able to buy them this week.


You get 8 colors for the character + 8 for the persona for free, which you can mix and match as you want.

Various tasks in the game; clearing characters in Challenge Mode, clearing story mode, clearing arcade mode, etc. I don’t know the full list off the top of my head. Nanako, though… the way you can unlock her has not yet been confirmed. The current rumor is “Beat Score Attack with 7 characters”, but nobody really knows.