"Unlocking" Free play on 2X boards?


Not sure if this is correct, but I’ll throw this out there in case anyone has a US and JP board to test with. A friend told me that if you put a blue board onto a motherboard (doesn’t matter which region motherboard) and set it to freeplay in the menu, it actually unlocks free play for the Japanese board if you put that on next. He says the board stays like that until you put a different game on and he says it works due to how much code both games share.

I presume that if you can unlock freeplay for the Japanese board, that it would get lost like all the other settings if it’s powered off for a while.

So what do you think? If it works it would be nice to set our 2X boards into freeplay mode so we aren’t digging around inside cabinets to put coins in.


first time I heard anything of the sort.


Yeah same here, hoping someone can test it and give us some actual results and not word of mouth


I’m pretty sure the settings are saved on the game board. not the A board. Especially since settings for games are different, and swapping A-boards between ssf2x boards don’t swap settings.

I have one yellow a-board and one blue a-board, and as far as i know, they’re identical.
I don’t have a Super Turbo board to test though. only 2 ssf2x. but I’m highly skeptical about this.


Yeah, I was almost tempted to write it off myself, but you never know for certain until you try


The Phoenixed roms from Razoola added freeplay back in the settings. Only way to do with out modding the game is to corrupt the settings epproms some how or use said epproms from a phoenixed board that have free play selected.

And if you switch the setting it will not allow you to select freeplay again.


Ok that makes sense. I assumed the settings would be stored on the game board like how they used to do with home console carts, rather than storing it on the system.

Yeah the claim was to be able to get freeplay on a Japanese board without phoenixing it. Thought it sounded a bit off.


It does work.


It works if you use a Phoenix version of X with free play and then switch the un-phoenixed version back onto the same A board. If you go into the settings, it will say free play and work as such, but if you change it, you have to do the process all over again.

I stumbled on this by accident and have done this reliably for a while now. The setup at next level has this workaround in place since the day I dropped the cabs off there. It MUST be a Phoenix version of X. Blue US, grey…Phoenix or not, won’t work.


Thanks for the explanation Mike, I was just wondering how that was possible on Friday.


Cool! Can I rent a phoenixed X board form someone for a day? lol. Really? Settings are saved on the A-board? I should try swapping my b-boards again to see if the settings switch. (Theoretically, they should if this works, right?). IIRC I never turned demo sound on for my first ssf2x board (I had 2 a-boards and used both) and when I got my 2nd board I recall the first boot up it had demo sound on. … Maybe I’m just remembering incorrectly though.


so can anyone confirm if this setting stays intact for an infinite duration of time or if different games are swapped?


Mikeidge basically confirmed exactly what you’re asking.


There’s no mention of putting a different cps2 game or leaving it off for an extended period would erase it…


Very nice.

Don helped phoenix one of my asia boards.
I should try this so the other non-phoenixed board in the astro city could have free play as well.


Doesn’t work when swapping different games. I share an A board for a few different games and I need to reset settings every time I play a different game. Wasn’t aware of the phoenixed ST setup tho but that doesn’t help me since I don’t own one. Is the pheonixed version the JP region?

So far, I haven’t seen any kind of time based erase. I’ve left my setup off for months at a time and the settings are preserved as long as I haven’t swapped boards before turning it on again.


good info guys


Also …it needs to be the Phoenix version of gmc that has added free play . There are Phoenix versions that don’t have it.