Unlocking the other characters in CS worthwhile?

I picked up a copy of CS a while ago and never started playing. Is it worthwhile for me to unlock all the special characters, or is it not worth my time/effort?

You only unlock mu 12 threw story mode. You have to buy Makoto, Valkenhayen, and Platinum. Last unlimited characters are a waste of time but you get them by beating score attack. Play score attack for the challenging AI not for the unlimited character versions.

Thank you, this definitely helps.

tbh I wouldn’t touch score attack, anything AI isn’t really a good idea.

The only time I would say to play the AI is lets say you’re in training mode and you got to the point where you can do it 80-90% of the time. Turn the dummy to CPU and set it to 100. Try to play it like an actualy match looking to hitconfirm into whatever you were practicing.

That or hop online and grind it out until you get it down likewise; but netplay is netplay so be careful not to get into a false timing of things.

YES! MU IS WORTH UNLOCKING! :slight_smile:

Especially considering that’s who I main.

BTW story mode is long and boring and boring …however if you have kids at your house, just put on beginner mode and let them grind through it. That’s what I did but after a while the kids get bored of story mode too. I found a remedy for this as well, any time they get in trouble force them to play BlazBlue Story Mode. Eventually you’ll unlock Mu-12.

This is blasphemy.

Maybe because i like anime i did not mind the story but i can see why people would hate it. Part of my like for the story is because i like the characters so much.

I liked the story too and for me it was a nice way to get used to some of the new characters and old chracters in CSII.
I used to got Tutorial->(Some) Challenges->Story to experiment some.
Learning their basic combos and mechanics is a good start to know what your up against and I found it a fun way to do so.
Even though I main Rachel and Sub Valkenhayn (and still make incidental casual attempts to learn some Hakumen).

interesting so you have to beat the whole store with everyone 100% to get mu?

I didnt mind the story, But I didn’t love it either.

I find Arcade better, Although Hazama final boss. Screw that. AI’s brutal.

No. you just have to “finish” the story - i.e. get to the end. You don’t even need to play/unlock everyone’s story line to do it - I finished Story Mode without ever even finding the right paths to unlock Litchi’s and Arakune’s stories, and I still unlocked Mu when I reached the end.

I actually really like the story. The fluff is the main reason I started playing BlazBlue. It does take a long time, though.

I actually beat Hazama at the arcade the other day using Lambda. Swept through the game without losing a round until I got to him, and then I almost perfected him in the third round. I couldn’t believe it. I just had his number with my magic swords. I’ve never beat him any other time with any character on any setting above easy. (I’m assuming arcade machines default to Normal.)

As for unlocking characters, I find that 30-40% of online matches are against Makoto or Valk, so you should probably pick them up just to learn how they work. And who knows, you may love their rush down antics or Mu’s little zoning lazer jewel things. And I still have no idea how Platinum works, so maybe I should follow my own advice! :wink:

Fortunately, the game is priced economically enough that you can afford to buy it and download Mak, Valk, and Plat for about the same price as a normal title.

dont get platinum she is not worth it >.>
makoto and valkenhyan are hell fun you should get them
as for mu the story is nice you should get her from it in notime