...unlocking titles on "Super Street Fighter IV" or later (ie: SSF4 thru USF4) PS3


I’m playing PS3 version USF4 currently and was wondering:

…Has anyone made a current & comprehesive list of how to unlock titles after (as in, never played) the original “Street Fighter IV”? …Since I essentially am starting with the “Ultra” version of SSF4 (PS3), I didn’t unlock many of titles in the earlier “vanilla” SF4 edition.

…Beyond the character-specific titles (or the titles added up-to-and-including USF4), it seems like the majority of the titles are unlocked by online play …is it possible to unlock them otherwise? (…as my slow-internet speed makes online play daunting)

…most complete list I’ve found so far:


…BTW, I suspect the list might not be canon (…as at least one of the titles [“Chump Fighter - Unlocked by winning 10 online matches”] I mysteriously earned without going online)


2-11 and 26-49 are actually unlocked by doing all the trials. They unlock at certain percentages of total trials done.
This list is based off vanilla Street Fighter 4 and they got changed in Super SF4.
150-182 are probably (not 100% sure) unlocked by online matches and all the following character specific titles (the blue ones) are unlocked by doing character specific trials and the red character titles are unlocked by beating the game on hard with all the characters.

You can actually unlock a load of titles without ever playing online.
Doing all the trials is hard and frustrating at first though.


Thanks for the response, ArtVandelay …yeah, I’m good with all the ones that are unlocked by trials or arcade mode (such as 5-silver/5-gold/1-blue/1-red per character, and ones like “Akuma Killer” or “Gouken Killer”, etc)

…it seems, though, like some of the titles that *were *online-unlockables on “vanilla” SF4 *may not be *“online only” unlockable since SSF4 …?

…which is why I thought maybe someone had filtered a list of the newer if/then for titles (like, maybe, someone who created and “unlockable-key” for the PC ver could decern this) …that way, if I ever get access to play online for a period of time, I can be goal-specific and knock-out a few of the ones I want. (…not to mention, possibly getting others I don’t have to go online for) :slight_smile: