Unmodding a gamecube rgb cable?



ive just bought this cable

its a official component cable modded to rgb, using this guide mmmonkey.co.uk/ntsc-gamecube-rgb-cable/

is there a way to unmod this back to a component cable like this

any help and all help/info is welcome and appreciated


Yes, reverse what the guide shows you.


One mod you can always do is add some dip switches on the console end, cut the cable in half and end the termination with a DE 15 (VGA) connector
You can have your scart connector on a matching DE 15
and replacement RCA connectors for your Component Video and Audio cables on another tail end.



Like what R-Cade Gaming did on his 240p thread

Idea is this cable is expensive enough that being flexible isn’t a bad option, encase you need to change up your set up int he future.

if you really need to you can make a 3rd tail end with a D-terminal connector

I know how expensive these auxiliary GameCube video cables are, I had to my my D-terminal cable shipped from a Record store in Tokyo.

Here is another modding guide, you also could go in reverse to change your cable back.


I always thought scart connectors had all of the pins that you needed for RGB. If that’s true, then: Scart Coupler + Scart to Component adapter should do the trick, no?


Doesn’t work like that. a Scart connector is just a 21 pin connector. How Composite works on a scart connector is that the RGB Red Line are re-purpose as Composite’s Chroma (color) line, and the actual change must be made at the device (game console, DVD player ect). RGB signals and Composite signals can not populate the same scart connector at the same time.

Anyways if you looked at the Game Cube Composite cable mod, you are modding the plug that goes into the console.

When we say Component we mean YPBPR video not RGB video. YPBPR the color and brightness information is separated.
Keep in mind the cable colors are just for identification (so you know what plug goes where) and not what color the signal is.

Y carries luma (brightness or luminance) and synchronization (sync) information (Green Plug)
PB carries the difference between blue and luma (B − Y). (Blue Plug)
PR carries the difference between red and luma (R − Y). (Magenta plug)
Green is derived using the blue, red and luma information.

Your scart adapter only changes the style of the connector and not the signals in the wire.


f*** me! that thread has bamboozled me…

if i could et a couple o quetions answered:

here in uk, our tv’s have scart inputs, so can i force 480p mode on the NGC games (ntsc only) and it will still display it through the scart, or does it have to be via the component channel on the tv with the red green blue cable inputs?


It should (key word should) work IF, and only IF your UK TV can support a 60hz frame rate signal.
NTSC works on a 60hz frame rate and PAL normally works on a 50 hz frame rate

Some TVs work fine and others have a fit over the improper signal.

Keep in mind your sailing in waters I never been, as I haven’t needed to mod my Game Cube D-terminal (component) cable yet.

Worst case Scenario; see if someone on like has a Game Cube component cable they would trade for a Game Cube scart cable.


cool, ill try it

ive only ever completed 2 platform games ever, donkey kong country (SNES), and luigis mansion (NGC)

but soon im going to have time to work on my backlog of games, so i want to do it in 480p, starting with mario sunshine, and i left double dash in 2003 with one race left the all cup tour, need to get gold on that, thats been bugging me for 10 year!! ive still got the save on memory card


Ahhh, that helps a lot. My bad. I’ll definitely keep that in mind, thanks!

Good thinking. :smiley: I keep a few CRTs around the house with component inputs to play games in the best quality that I can … without going to the crazy lengths that guy did. I mean, I’d love to, but I don’t have the time nor money for it at the moment, haha.


Game Cube Component cables are stupid rare and highly over priced for what they are.
Discontinued half way into the Game Cubes life cycle (later model Game Cubes lack the D/A port the Composite cable needed)

Going price on eBay for a Game Cube component cable is about $200~ish
So you can’t use component on you Game cube without this $200 cord, and one one able to make knock off cables as no one knows the actual specs off the chip in the plug of the cable.


Man, that suuuuuucks. I got super lucky: I moved to Australia in 2004 and saw that Nintendo-AU had GCN Component cables on their web store for $30 and bought mine. I shoulda bought a pallet of the damned things.


In 2004 they were still in production, it was 2006 when the cable was discontinued.
Trust me, I had the same opportunity slip by. I didn’t even know the difference between all the different video formats at that time.

All I understood that the component cable was just for more expensive TVs, and the CRT TV I used at the time didn’t even have composite video.