Unnecessary Censorship in Fighting Games

[media=youtube]Qc6w4SzIUN0"[/media] in Fighting Games

I’ll start:


Your turn

Does this work?


edit: Uh… bit much? I feel weird posting that. If any mods take issue with that, just let me know and I’ll take it down easy. I certainly don’t want any trouble, esp when I just got here. o_O

LOL, hilarious!

Got a few more. I have a feeling Dhalsim will be a wealth of awesomeness for this thread. I’d also like to mess with a few BB ones if I can find the right frames I’m looking for.


I think he needs to get that checked out.


Looks like it requires a lot of concentration.


I’m… not even sure I want to know what’s about to happen. (and don’t ask where the white came from. That’s seriously how it came out.)

I’ve got some more ideas, but I don’t know how to edit individual frames of gifs… yet.

Raided a few image sites (mostly Giant Bomb) and came up with these.


We all knew Abel sucked, but… really…


You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance. Wait, that gives me an idea.


Chun Li apparently forgot someone when she went on her date with El Fuerte


We all knew Ken had his head stuffed up somewhere. We just didn’t think it was here.


No censorship necessary. The perspective speaks for itself.


One of Ken’s super moves that didn’t make the final cut.

And here’s the idea I had earlier on the Gouken pic:



Best to keep it clean. We’ve had a series of avatars (The Erection series a la Phoenix Wright) that was blurring non-existant genitals but was quickly abolished by Mr. Wizard himself. Just a fair warning.