UNO - the best card game evaaaar!

GG’s to my friend Abe at Uno, and some girl playing on her bf’s account, along with random 4th people/cpu players. :lovin:

Yea its pretty addicting!

Yeah UNO rocks:wgrin:

wtf? is this new?

Been out for aboooout… a month on Marketplace.

This is true.

How much longer do we have to wait for Texas Hold 'Em?

Yeah…I went online today and saw Scoot Magee playing it. Made me laugh. :razz:

Sigh. Dunno.

Partnernet is absolutely crammed with games yet to be uploaded to Marketplace - Hyper Fighting, Pac-Man, Galaga, Frogger, Cloning Clyde and some shitty cube puzzle game I can’t remember the name of. Microsoft can easily draw all that stuff out before they even think about releasing Texas Hold 'Em. I’m getting bored of waiting for new stuff.

Still, if anyone here hasn’t downloaded Marble Blast Ultra yet, get that… well worth the 800 points.

Lumines Live, perhaps?

Okay, apparently it’s Novadrome, a racing game. I thought it was a puzzle game because the XBLA icon was a cube. Heh, shows what I know. I haven’t tried it, was going to but had about five people shouting “OH GOD NOES IT R RUBBISH” so I played Galaga instead, which is still an awesome little game.

No Lumines on Partnernet yet. Last thing that went up was Frogger. Meh. Who gives a shit about Frogger?

I’ll fucking destroy all of you in uno. I’m like the sickest uno player ever.

Dude fuckin add me I love that god damn game. Mr SNK, uno mother fuckers. I’m out.

I"ll destroy fuckers in geometrics war also.

How the hell do I get above 300,000 in Geo Wars? :mad:

Galaga today! I love that shit.