Unoffical 3 v 3 3s byoc team tourney

so i was talking to naysayism and we both saying how tight it would be if there was a 3 v 3 team tourney at evo and he said hell we can do it together so here we are

evo motha fucka


same old same old you can have the same character all 3 times if you want

format is gonna be sbo style aka
a v b = a wins
a v c = a wins
a v d = a wins
a’s team won

5 bucks per person to enter aka 15 per team

post up and pre register your team so we can get a headcount and also let evreyone know whose going to play

if i missed anything post up and tell me i never ran a tourney before so any help will be appreciated LETS GET IT!!


Streak, Me, and hopefully thongboy (if he decides to show up).

there will be at least 1 team reppin this tourney from the SFC.
who it is, we have yet to decide.

come on guys i know you wanna join

wait the week before evo, peeps are still debating

bump that shit down

Im bringing my team up from so cal. Prolly wont be much competition but it should be fun. Most likely an Akuma/Remy or chun-li/ken or sean team.

looks like there will probably be 2 teams from the sfc.

IF this happens(HUGE If since there are so many other unnoficial tournies going to be held) I will play.

Team SFC electrical trashcan:

team sfc darth vader-
Me - Ken
Mike L. - Yun
Mopreme - I don’t know yet but it will OWN!

Is fubar coming back to the us for evo?


yea thats a big if on this happening it seems there no interest