Unoffical 3v3 SSF4 Tourney?

I think a 3v3 SSF4 Unoffical tourney would be like one of the sickest things ever? Problem is could we get the EVO staff to say YES to this amazing dream or can they run it or maybe an awesome individual could take the opportunity to run this epic team tourney. Team tourney usually has the most hype!!!


What do people think? Please do not say there is no time because obviously I know time is an important factor but just throwing this suggestion out there

Sounds like a beastly idea. Only suggestion I could make would be to set a cap. A team tourny with 70 teams would be rediculous haha.

probably it would have to have a high entry fee to mark out and keep it to a 8-16 man thing

no byes, just a cap on the numbers

i say yes… but then i’d want to compete… which would be wasting time for it to be ran since i’m mediocre… but my vote is still yes

I’m 100% down for it, but I’m awful…and I main Dan…and I don’t have a team…anyone want me?

someone also mentioned this in the front page thread.

since there are so many japanese and european players coming

it would be awesome to have a round robin 5 on 5 exhibition match between team USA, team Japan, team europe+rest of the world

Hell no, son.

It should have been a standard tourney to begin with. We all know more people are going for SSFIV than every other featured game combined. :rofl:

Yeah that’s what I figured…I’ll still watch!

This would be awesome. I love team tournies. Count me, Grimmz and whoever our third partner will be in :smiley:

it would have to be between 50-100 dollars a team. Otherwise there would be no way it’d be worth it for the amount of time it would take.