Unofficial 3v3 US #Reload Team Tournament!

The biggest #Reload team tourney of the entire year! The team tourney will be 3 on 3 gauntlet style, double elimination. Each member of the team gets to choose his/her own character… No same characters on each team! Also… You have to stay within your own region… No Ruin/MarlinPie/Cue or some shat… No Japanese because I’ve and many others have decided that this may very well be the last #Reload tourney at EVO and we want to see who’s the best region in the nation!

Entry is $10 per person, which makes $30 per complete 3-member team. Entry must be paid at EVO.

Players can choose to pay individually ($10) or have someone on the team pay for the whole team($30). Afterwards, just send an

email to and include:

  1. First and Last name
  2. Handle (if any)
  3. Location (SRK region and actual city)
  4. Phone number to contact at least one member of the team (this will help get in touch with players when they have to be called out for their matches)

We will most likely cap the tourney at 32 teams since we will not have the time and resources to run anything much bigger in
a single day.

Pot is winner take all. For a complete 32-team tournament, the winning team will take home $960. That’s $320 for each member of the winning team.


EVO2005 in Las Vegas


August 12th 2005. Don’t know starting time.


Find two friends
Sign up and pay online
Check your bracket assignment
Go to EVO2005
Wake up ON TIME
Head to the tourney


Pacific South:

  1. Peter “COMBO FIEND” Rosas
    Romel “Chaotic Blue” Shaheed
    Saif “ID” Ebrahaim

  2. Jonathan “selfscience” Bigalbal
    Hang “Konquer” Zhao
    Josh “Def1n1tely” Magno

  3. Joseph “Purrin” Metoyer
    D “PiGnUtTz” Page
    Andrew “Dr. Stormlocke” Converse


  1. Martin “Marn” Phan
    Alex “XanderEinhander” Perales
    Tuan “Vigorous” Phan

  2. Terrell “Titan44” Tyler
    Kerry “Poon” Larose
    Matt “KJunk” Wall


  1. Veteru
    James Austin

Pacific North:

  1. Paul “kugler” Kugler
    JP “Shinomori” Salcedo
    Robin “RenoROB” Mizuno

  2. Nick “Hahcoe” Campbell
    JC “Rounin” Gross
    Scott “Spirit Juice” Lockhart

Atlantic North:

  1. Josh “Cuervo” Something
    Dan “Gwygnblood” something
    Nate Beaudry

Atlantic South:
1.Alex “Mozanrath” Garvin
Chetan “Beditheory” Bedi
Charles “PimpJuice69” Hinton


  1. David “Cue” Navarrette
    Jamarr “JaMarvelous” Lewis
    Mike “ElvenShadow” Bozac

  2. Simon “YooYoung” Yoo
    Travis “Klaige” Nible

cool, glad to see the mad initiative. I’ll definitely participate even if I can’t find a team to play on (I’ll likely be the only TN player at evo) I’ll help run brackets and get people organized. =)

very nice.


How wide is your definition of region? Nobody else from MD is going, but others from the NE are.

I’m sure as long as they are within your Apex region, you’ll be fine.

this will make me happy

Atlantic North
Atlantic South
Pacific South
Pacific North

I wanna goto Evo :sad:
Oh well, 2k6 ill be there.

tourney post lookin hella familiar…

next year, ggxx writes the post first and then cvs2 copies.


haha, yeah. Oh well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that jazz.

if he copied most of the cvs2 thread

Just make sure this gets on the DVD if it happens. Pleeeeeaaaassseee!!! Thanks Marn/tragic.

no sign ups yet?! just email me with your team and pay up at evo! >.>! sheeeeeesh!

no one trusts marn!

dunno if im even gonna enter period shrug…

team myself / me / i isn’t acceptable. :frowning:

But what if he has Multiple Personality Disorder and has two other personas in his mind? Can’t each persona enter as a separate person? :o

like… Cactus Jack/Dude Love/Mankind at Royal Rumble in `98!?

dont watch wrestling my ass

No idea, Marn… but you’re probably right! :encore:

HAHA, damn marn, you remember that???