***Unofficial*** A3 Tourny on CPS2

I will run a A3 tourney immediately after my 3v3 ST tourney. It should start around 4pm.


Players will have to choose what character they will be playing with for the tourney. I will no allow any character switching. But you may switch ISM’s.

$5 Entry. Tourney will be caped at 32 entrees.

Brackets will be set up on a draw system. I will take half the players and have them draw from a hat who there first round match will be. This way there can be no bracket fixing.

2/3 for the whole tourney. No 3/5 for finals.

Double elim

Pot split 90/10 cuz no one cares about third.

It will be played on my new cabinet so joysticks will be provided. You will have your choice of full sanwa setup or p360 with competition buttons.

All matches will be taped and If NKI will code them I will give them to him at evo after the tourney.

If EVO does in fact run A3 for a main tourney I will change this to a 2v2 tourney. But all rules will be retained except team entry will be $10. If every one wants a 2v2 or 3v3 tourney I will change format to accommodate.


I am going to make a change to one of the rules.

If we were to get more then 32 entrys I will split the brackets up to either 3 or 5 brackets. And have a round robin with the winner of each bracket.

BUMPING! NO love for A3?

I wanna play!!!

Update on cab being used for the tourny.


I’ll play. Go A3!!!

im sure alot of people will play


I’m in for sure, unless for some reason I have to work during evo which would really piss me off.

I’m in.

Update on recording matches.

I will be bringing a video camera to evo as well. I will set it up on teh cabinet with the audo going to the dvd-r so we will get all the croud reactions. This will be the same for ST,A3,XvSF or any other money match games that will be held on it.

should be a blast.


me and my homie from norcal is down for this alpha 3 tourney, but we just need to know where and wut day this tourney will take place?


I’m in. got to keeep on playing a3!!

Cableguy it will be on saturday after my ST 3v3.The ST 3v3 will start around 2pm so I would guess 4-5pm A3 would start. Im going to give a bit of warm up as well.