***Unofficial*** BYOC CPS2 ST 3v3 tourny

NKI (if he still wants to) and myself are going to run a 3v3 ST tourny in the BYOC room (or any where wiz will allow me to run it). On saturday the 13th I am unsure about start time right now. Im thinking early afternoon around 1pm.

Entry will be $15 per team.

The tourny will be played on this


It is still being finished and I should have it done in a week or so.


This is be double elimination. Single game. All 3 of your players have to lose fot it to count as a loss.

You have to regester with me at EVO with your full team.

You may enter only your self as a single team or a 2man team with one player playing twice. But you will still have to pay the full $15.

When you regester you must state what character you will be playing in the tourny and a single player can not switch at any time in the tourny. Exception is for a single team or 2 man team.

** Single man team may pick 3 different characters to use
** Two man team may have ONE of there team mates choose 2 characters to play with.

You must decide your order of play prior to each match. And inform me prior to playing each match.

Pot will be split 90-10 cuz no one cares about 3rd.

I hope this will gain enough notice for at least a 16 team bracket.

I will make no restriction for over-powered teams. If Daigo/Valle/Choi paly as a team be ready to take them out.

Post up if you wish to enter and a team roster.

I will be recording all the matches and NKI has posted that he would rip them for DLing. Thank you NKI you sir are the MAN!

This should be fun.

Vermilli0n/Langrisser/? will be entering for sure.


I’m sure the old school guys wouldnt want to lose to us marvel players hahaha

Dibs on Vermilli0n’s spot for the team tourney.


Team “Who the fuck are these ppl”

You can count me in for whatever assistance you need.


Real Decoy/10,000 Volts/Blanka

Team “Deja Vu”


Decoy you really going to show up to evo?

BTW this isn’t HSF so no Hyper Blanka for you! You will die to “Who the fuck are these ppl”!!!

Nah man, I wish I could. Too much going on.

BTW, your control panel is sick! :tup:

Good luck at EVO. I hope this and the gauntlet comes off. That would be too good. If you need any help with graphics or editing for the video just give me a shout. I’m a designer and I got a sick G5 with AV software ready to go.

AND, just so you know, my ST Blanka is no slouch. I just prefer HF. :wgrin:


Where is the LOVE!


Nice Team. Afro gonna drive ppl sick with that DJ

You aint kidding. He should place well at evo. Im excited to see how him and I do.

Can I be solo?

Lol i guess i can hahaha SIIIIICK!!!

I’ve heard of these DJ AfroLegends =D Bring it!


Cole, I am not that good. Don’t listen to these people. You’ll be in for a big disappointment.

Don’t be humble Afro, your DJ is the shit.

Afro-cole meet Afro-legends. Hope that Dhalsim is ready cause DJ is gonna cause you problems.

CigarBob, make sure this is all captured on tape please!

Good luck to all.


Every second will be captured. This will be the best side event at evo. Other then 3v3 cvs2 and XvSF money matches. I will also be taping the XvSF money matches.

Cole you are more then welcome to enter as cole/cole/cole. After all if you have your afro that is another player right there.

Would we be using the rule that there has to be 3 different characters per team? And you have to use 1 character for teh whole tourney? I like that rule. Creates diversity.

That’s not so hard in ST… cuz picking the same character makes you die hard to counter characters.

And you can do old/new.

I will not force any character restrictions on any one(other then akuma). If there is a team of 3 rog’s or 3 o.sim’s that is just the way it is.

I have stated that you must regester with me and declare what character you will be playing. And you can not switch at any time.

i want in…but who the fuck wants to team with me?