Unofficial Marvel Team tournament!?!?!

That’s right, this is your boy, Young Piff aka Top 3 aka Best in EL MUNDO aka Barry Bonds aka That’s That Haze

what ya’ll think about 3 v. 3 like last year? I know nki is running the st thing, so im stepping up to the plate ala bonds on steriods and grand slamming marvel to the nextest level.

30 dollars a team, standard rules apply. Please have your teams ready, I will disqualify with EASE. We’ll do it on console during pools/semis. So don’t sleep! Make a team and get ready for this shit

Pot split: 90/10 or 80/20
3rd place doesn’t get anything but a hand shake from yours truly(aka better than all the money for 1st and 2nd combined). So yeah, make this shit HAPPEN.
If you want to post teams early that would make it a lot easier for me. I’m going to announce where sign ups will be soon, hopefully I can get this shit finished/organized promptly.

Tournament setup:
Here is the confusion that often happens, and how im going to run this tournament: team that wins winners finals needs to be defeated, TWICE, but the team coming from losers only has 1 chance to do this. Instead of it being reset after the 3rd member is defeated, the team just restarts, and the other team does not get another chance for all 3 to play again. For example, If my first two teammates fall, and i beat the team from winners by myself the 1st set, Only I am left to beat them again. If you don’t like this format, please post and i’ll change. I think this is the true way of running tt’s, but some might think its unfair, even though winners did earn the right. so, yeah, GET AT ME

? :slight_smile: It’s prety simple potter. New set = RESET. In any game cvs2, KOF, tekken tag, MVC2, etc…

Here’s a scenario - you are playing santhrax. Your storm and sent dies but you still won with commando. You have to beat your opponent two games. You’ve already beat him one game and in a new game - are you going to play your solo commando versus his whole team since he was the last character( or last person in a team) to live in the previous match? Of course the winners earned something - they get two sets while the loser gets one.


I understand where you are coming from, but I don’t think you understand where I am on the topic. You do make a valid, although unreasonable, argument, but what I’m saying is more like how evo pools were ran a couple years ago. The top 2 in each pool qualify, but the person that got 2nd was reset from his losing position, and put back into the winners bracket; thus, allowing him triple elimination. I guess it doesn’t really apply to this situation, but I remember shgl team tourney was ran this way, and I preferred it a lot better. So, I’m going to wait to see what people want. Either way, I’m gonna do what people want. Thx for your input.

My memory must be going berserk cause I honestly don’t remember an shgl team tourney ever for MVC2.

As for triple elimination - pools do not count towards that. Pools are used as a guide as to where people should be placed in a double elimination bracket. It is up to the organizers to decide if they want to give everyone a clean slate or put 2nd placers in losers. Time is a huge factor to all this - this is the main reason why sometimes people don’t get a clean slate. The way team tournies were run last year by NKI from my understanding is how a team tourney should be run. This tourney shouldn’t be any different than that except if you want to maybe run pools or give all those who make it to semi finals a clean slate which is what Worlds finest did back during the TOMO/Watson era.


the real question is

baby girl, you gonna suck it or not?

you teaming with justin again petey or the beastie boys?

I hear what your saying Robust but that’s not a team if your partners can’t playagain until there last memeber goes to losers. I’ve never heard of anything like that before!!! not to sound sarcastic but wouldn’t it be easier to just put the game on arcade mode and have everyone pay 5 bucks to see who can get the highest win streak. Two Chances 1st/2nd takes the pot!!! this sounds similar to what your saying to me!!!

Last time I checked, the beastie boys DID get 1st. Nah mean, me/you/isaac

My team is looking something like this: Piff/Bagnus/Honey Money Hal

If ec cats come, we might mix and match if they’re down!

Duc: I guess i will run it like nki did, except that I am not as nice as nki. I’ll send teams to losers/dq’ed w/o hesitation.

Notice: Please no complaints about brackets. I will seed teams based on rank/region. Every other team will be seeded accordingly to a random procedure that I choose. If you don’t think brackets are fair, tough shit. I think I run brackets the best of ANYONE, EVER. Period. lol :wink:

I’m capping teams at 32, possibly 64(if we even get that many). This shit is guranteed to be fun, and a great event outside of the regular tournament.
10 dollars a head + 50 for registration(just kidding). Hopefully we can get matches recorded, and I really doubt a dvd being made because me = lazy, and not investing anymore time than I plan to at evo. Plus free vids = PIFF. Hopefully we can get a setup, if not two possible while marvel is not being run. Because tt/singles at the same time = not a good look. So be aware of when it’s going to be run, and hopefully, the cannons will let me use mic/bullhorn of some sort. =D


Also, really important thing I left out: You, and your teammates MUST pick the same team throughout the tournament. None of this counter-teaming bs. When you sign up, you need to have a team already picked, and if you don’t use that team when you play, you are liable to being automatically dq’ed or replaying the match. If it’s an accident just restart marvel, but if you knowingly do it, you might be sent to losers. I don’t really wanna enforece this, I hope you all understand and agree with this policy. I really think this does make tt’s a bit more clean/exciting. Most people already use the same team, but if you’re a counter whore like me, shit is kind of whack. Oh well, if you guys think this is a good idea post up., If you don’t prefer this, I won’t enforce it or include it at all.

If I can find two other scrubs to pair up with, I just might enter…

<3 Robust!

Howabout 3 guys have to pick 9 different characters…that would be interesting. 2 top tier teams and one bad team, or 3 so-so teams? hmm

Too much thinking for the sf community. I really like the idae of keeping the same team, but we’ll see what the community thinks.

mad heads got first.

<3 marvel. wc <3.

p.s. i am pretty much against that 9 different chars ish…but uh yea i got an iron man player on reserve so whatever lets get hype.

as for my opinions, i think it should still be a reset, but just leave it at 1 set grand finals.
as for changing teams, i think you should be able to change teams when you just won (as if it were vs mode, because you just won a tournament fight and are moving on), or be able to pick a new team each set and perhaps have to stick with it. Im against picking a team and sticking with it for the tourney. this aint sbo, fucka registration.

i like having to stick to one team

actually makes it so that the team dynamic is important

if you feel your team is weak against a certain character set, then pick a player who plays a counter team to that

and that 9 character boshit… how about we just ban mag storm sent cable and watch each other do nothing but counter call tron/cyke/commando all day long

lol @ christian pretending he’s not going to just pick msp the whole tournament ^^

Alright, since I’m not charging registration, I need help from others, aka the players who are participating to be in the vicinity, or let me know where they are going to be. Knowing this will really help finish the tournament. I also, do like sticking to one team, because it’s definitely more fun and filled with less bs. =DDDDDDFDDDDSFASDF|FASDFFwefojwefio;

everybody just give me or potter your cell phone #

and when youre match is up we’ll call you


Yeah, So i just came up with a genius idea (as usual). The only problem is: I don’t know how convenient and executable the idea is. Well, here it is: Since there is an evo west/east, we can run two seperate team tournies where the winning team is given seeds in the “big” team tourney at evo. For instace, Say Duc/Ducjr./David L win evo west team tourney, they automatically get a #1, or #2 seed, so they won’t have to play the team that wins the evo east. And the team that gets second at evo west will get the #2, or #3 seed(the top 4 teams will be seperated by coast.) So, say X/Wigfall/Demon Hyo get second at the team tourney @ evo east, they will be in the same bracket as duc’s team, but on opposite sides. This way, they won’t have to meet until winners semis. Also by doing this process, I can actually make even MORE seeds to make the brackets even fairer. This might just be adding to the whole process, because I plan on seeding teams if we do it all in 1 event, but I think this idea is promising. I haven’t had the ultimate ePIFFany yet, but I’m getting there. If anyone has something to add, please do. I wanted it to be like a top 8 teams type thing, but teams from texas/atl/seattle might not attend two of the evo events, just because of the investment of resources. So, heh, I didn’t hit that shit on the nail, yet.

I guess it has some rewards to finish in the money, and just add an extra side-event with teams, and possible prizes? I dunno, we’ll see whats really good with my wallet, but I would like to make this event really enticing.