UNofficial names for moves and tactics in street fighter


as we grew up with street fighter, we’ve all had our nicknames for moves and tactics. Sometimes they stuck, and sometime they didn’t. What are some of the more well-known unknown/unofficial moves out there?

-juice kick - hurricane kick performed right after a jump
-Mexican uppercut - crouching, non-special move uppercut

  • laser kick/Jack knife kick/flip kick/somersault kick - flash kick
  • shadow throw - a glitch in sf2 that initiated the throwing motion for guile and threw the opponent, even when they are not in range to be thrown
  • handcuffs - another sf2 glitch that, when performed, would have the opponent shadow guile, stuck in their dizzy animation, unable to move until they were shadow thrown

please feel free to contribute, share and correct where it is needed.


Mexican uppercut … the fuck

I’ll admit i laughed at that , but Ive never heard anyone use any of those (except the glitch ones )


same, I have never heard of any of those besides jack knife kick …

ps. lol wtf mexican uppercut


Very creative though.


Rockefeller used the term “Mexican Uppercut” in one of the 3S ranbats. Basically Ken’s cr.HP.

Anyway, some 3S terms, some popular and some not as much…

The Claw (of Doom!) - Q’s j.LP
Spanking Room - Aegis corner pressure
Chicken combo - Oro’s cl.MP->QCF+K juggle
Booger/EX Booger - Oro’s projectile, and EX version
Spread Eagle - Chun’s neutral j.HK, Elena’s Lynx Tail, any move where a female character spreads her legs
Vanilla Scratch - Elena’s Spin Scythe
Chilly Willy Throw - Oro’s command grab
Two Boots - Alex’s d, u + K
Teabag Kneedrop - Urien’s d, u + K
American Cancer Punch - Alex’s neutral HP
And Then The Screen Went Black! - when Akuma wins with Raging Demon
Keeper-jin - Ground Geneijin combo composed of cr.MK-> kara MP into HP -> cr.MK -> kara MP into HP -> repeat
Jiro Demon - SGGK into kara-Demon
Kuroda Cyclone - Akuma’s air-to-air Tatsu-> HK Tatsu -> superjump air HK Tatsu juggle
LET’S GO JUSTIN!! - the moment when a Chun may chip-kill the opponent with SA2
KO Ender - Geneijin juggle where the finish is Palm -> Shoulder -> f.HP -> Dash Punch
Boss Ender - Geneijin juggle where the finish is Shoulder -> f.HP -> f.HP -> Dash Punch
Pizza Jepper - When Kokujin does Dudley’s Jet Uppercut

Probably more, anyone else can fill in or correct me if I got any of these wrong.



-Bookin - Hadouken
-chuckbucktuckbookin - Tetsumaki Shenpayuku


yamazaki’s drill super: choke a bitch (does yama have to choke a bitch?)
sagats tiger raid: hot foot
rolentos tripwire/take no prisoner super: lynch super
kyos orochinagi: gasoline super
bisons cvs2 custom combo: paint the fence
dr. dooms photons: pink shit
cables ahvb: ghostbuster beam


Butt-sniffing throw/ultra - Zangief’s SPD, especially with the zoomed in view in SF4
Chucking Plasma - throwing projectiles made of flames or other form of energy
Jesus kick - Rufus’s Messiah kick
Vacuum cleaner - any move with vacuum properties, eg. Rufus’s ultra
R. Kellyed/Peed on - to have lost a round via Perfect, often followed by line from Dave Chappelle’s parody music video “Piss on You”


booger hand - zangiefs green hand
god hand - jumping jab with ST deejay
mexican uppercut - thawk’s up dive in ST
scoops - throws
dp/dragon punch - shoryuken or any other zero frame reversal with forward, down, down forward motion.


We always called any fireball a hadoken, except the sonic boom of course.


Seth- Dat Bullshit Character.
Blanka - Monkey
Able - Grayble, because all of his colors suck.


Definitely using Mexican Uppercut.


Im almost scared as to ask why it’s called a mexican uppercut


There was a player who was playing against a ton of people who were Mexican and he said they couldn’t SRK so he called em Mexican Uppercuts. I forget who but it’s from an OG.


Guile’s flash kick was usually called razor kick in arcades around Raleigh, NC.


Fei Long’s flip kick = chicken wing


how did somebody not mention this


i’d like to know why its called Chicken Wing while were on topic

(and while off topic, where the hell did Salty come from?)


Oh, that brings back memories…

Ok, here are a few, now, bear in mind that my siblings and I grew up speaking spanish, with zero knowledge of Japanese and a little bit of english…

atastas-yuken=tatsumaki sempukyaku
anek-foo=sonic boom
somo-foo=Guile’s/Charlie’s Somersault kick
kimmi-sar-kick=Spinning Bird Kick
Ungah-kaka-tungah=Dhalsim’s victory dance
Yo voy al colegio!=Vega’s yodel. It means "I go to school!"
ti-girl, ti-girl=what I told my brother when he spammed TS.
My bike moneeeyyy!=What boxer says when he is defeated.


I remember Magus1234 explaining the Mexican Uppercut thing during CvS2 on the NorCal Regionals stream. Basically, he said it was a carryover from Cali arcades that were full of Mexicans who couldn’t SRK, so they would use cr. FP instead.

Racism is fun!