***UNOFFICIAL*** Running the Gauntlet on ST! and 3s?!

Screw Old school vs New School. We all know how any team will do against them. Putting ppl like DSP and the like against them will just be a slaughter.

From Watson’s Idea I will begin this new thread. Post who you would like to see in the 12 (13 if you count akuma) spots for all of us scrubs to try and take through. Here is how I see it going.

The “dirty dozen” will each antie up $10 to make the pot $120 for making it through the gauntlet.

Each player will pay $5 to try and make it through. When and if he is beat that $5 goes into the pot and it begins to grow. I figure at $5 you will get more ppl interested and more ppl will return for multiple trys.

If a person makes it through they receive the pot. If no one makes it through the pot is split among the 12 players.

Who do you think should be the 12 players to sit on the gauntlet?

Post any ideas you may have for structure or the 12 players. I also think this would be a great idea for 3s as well. But we would have to many japs taking there money on that one.

A 3S one would be nice. I’d try it, and fail (obviously), but it’d still be a good amount of fun.

This idea is hot. But it might take a while considering the skill the OG players have. But it is still interesting and would be a good thing to see.

Is there a good OG player who uses Vega properly? I haven’t seen one, or a good Blanka for that matter either, I thought I was the only person that played those two characters…

Didn’t Apoc use vega?

Apoc plays vega. He has a great vega. As far as blanka goes. Well I guess you get that by default. I cant think of one well known player that uses him well. But the idea of this is to not have the best with each character its to play the best 12 players.

Yo know guys, this is a good idea, but I know what will make it great.

You see, deep down, we all know that OG ST players eat the NS ST players. And I’m not excited at all about watching some random new guy get beasted on over and over again by Chen’s Cammy. Truthfully, watching a bunch of new kids struggle to get past two guys, and then lose to Cole’s Sim or Choi’s Sagat is gonna get boring quick.

Everyone wants to see Watson, Shirts and the OGs play. And NOONE wants to want to only get taht if some NS player fights his way to them.

So, here’s the solution.


Assemble the greatest NS players. Line them up from worst to best. For example only, say you have DSP, then Spence, and then lastly Wong.

Watson comes in, puts up his 5 bucks entry fee, and fights his way to the top. Everyone will want to see the OG player struggle his way up to the top to win.

Look at it this way, if you do the NS player takes on OG Gauntlet, the crowd is gonna “boo” Wong’s turtling ways and hope he gets peaced out. We’ll be cheering for the competitor to lose. But if you do OG player vs NS Gauntlet, the crowd will cheer for the OG player to traverse the gauntlet and lay the beatdown.

The original idea was good but I think this idea is better.

I still want Justin one on one. Hey, he won MWC 2k5. You don’t want to back down from this, do you? Will any of his fanboys put up the $$$?

Probably not.

Honda- Chris Li
Cammy- Mike Creque

i like dogface’s idea too, cause honestly 5 bucks to enter a slaughter house is too much. if you said og straight up eats ns, then isn’t a 12 og on 1 ns battle gonna be fucked up? 12 ns vs 1 og, that would even the odds right?

Let’s start a pool. I’ll put up $50 now on the old guys winning. Not too often you come across an investment with certain returns.

let me repeat wtf ive been saying all along. no shit its a long shot, but if you want the old people too play, this is how its gonna be. new school has no chance, it will just be a murder any way you put it. to make it fun, for the old people!!! make it a fucken gauntlet. why do you people keep posting shit like:

if you said og straight up eats ns, then isn’t a 12 og on 1 ns battle gonna be fucked up

no shit lady, this is fucked up, but the og arent talking shit and arent challenging anyone. we didnt ask for this shit, and if you want some of it, bring it, this is “our house” “our game” so if you wanna step up, no one said it would be easy!!!

this is all for fun, gauntlet or no challenge, thats it imo.

pz out noobs

GAUNTLET!!! And besides… I doubt most of the NS players will get past like the 5th OG player… =X

Well, of course not. I doubt any of the OG players could get through 12 new school players in a row either. Thats a lot of back to back to back winning, even if you’re better, you’re not that far ahead of everyone else to guarantee 12 wins in a row.

wanna bet, lol, i have 4 people off hand that i guarantee can take out 12 new school, no prob. like to put some money where your mouth is?? :slight_smile: im sure they wont even bet it.


New school fan boys won’t bet, nobody will. No $$$ will be put up.

Why don’t we just have the “DSP Rapes Shirts in front of all the cameras” classic? It would save you the trouble of reviving 12 OG ST players to put up against me just to get spanked.

Also can we please take 3s out of the topic here, I don’t think there are 12 good 3s players in the US period to do that, and nobody really cares.

you going way overboard here bro. talking all that shit on irc… blah blah blah, specially from a dude who has never won shit!! thats right, shit!! so, basically you are cock riding jwong and if you ask him about ST, ask him this. does he really think he can beat the OGS at it?? i dont like name dropping, but i say, 100% he doesnt back your idea of new school vs og, and if he comes out and speaks for himself, i will personally donate 100bucks to you. conditions: Jwong says he can beat me, valle, choi, or shirts, in ST, you win the money. and he cant end it with, i was jk or some shit like that. so fuck are your nonsense. dont know what coconut hit you in the head foo, but you are on crack for sure… peace out kkk boy.


Wow truly amazing. How must it feal to live in a world where you think like this? I would seriously doubt that you could get through me let alone any of the true OG’s.

Have you ever beaten anyone? ROFL!