Unofficial Shoryuken Character Anti-Poll

Here are the rules:

Post the 3 characters that you would most not like to see as DLC. Give reasons!

Just one other rule: “X Character: Because I don’t like X Character’s fans.” is not an acceptable reason for wanting a character to be excluded because it doesn’t actually say anything about the character or their potential as a fighter in UMvC3. It’s basically saying “I don’t want X Character’s fans in UMvC3,” therefore, any vote that gives “I don’t like their fans” as a reason will instead be applied to the designated character’s fanbase.

Now go ahead and vote! Oh, and only one vote per person. How did I forget that?

Current Tally:

  1. Megaman X - 11 votes.
  2. Gambit - 8 votes.
  3. Megaman - 7 votes.
  4. Ken - 6 votes.
  5. Any Character from MvC2 - 6 votes.
  6. Megaman’s fans - 5 votes.
  7. Cyclops - 4 votes.
  8. Venom - 4 votes.
  9. Psylocke - 4 votes.
  10. Roll - 3 votes.
  11. Gene - 3 votes.
  12. Teleporters - 3 votes
  13. DMC Characters - 3 votes.
  14. RE Characters - 2 votes.
  15. Character’s from series with 3+ reps - 2 votes.
  16. This Topic - 2 votes.
  17. lemonlure - 2 votes.
  18. Ms. Marvel - 1 vote.
  19. Juggernaut - 1 vote.
  20. Dr. Octopus - 1 vote.
  21. Carnage - 1 vote.
  22. Dan - 1 vote.
  23. War Machine - 1 vote.
  24. Bone-Claw Wolverine - 1 vote.
  25. BoF Ryu - 1 vote.
  26. Yun - 1 vote.
  27. Sentry - 1 vote.
  28. Furries - 1 vote.
  29. Megaman Characters - 1 vote.
  30. Megaman X’s fans - 1 vote.
  31. Pixies - 1 vote.
  32. X-Men - 1 vote.
  33. Darkstalkers - 1 vote.
  34. Darkstalkers Females who don’t wear enough clothes - 1 vote.
  35. Male Characters - 1 vote.
  36. Black Characters - 1 vote.
  37. Anyone Good or Interesting - They shouldn’t have to be DLC - 1 vote.
  38. Anyone who isn’t Ms. Marvel or Juggernaut - 1 vote.
  39. *Anti-This Topic - *1 vote.

Nope.jpg: Hayato, SonSon, Mega Man X.

Reason: They’re in your signature.

I don’t want any more MVC2 characters that won’t add anything really new to the gameplay variety.

One vote for lemonlure.

Also, per Joe Yabuki’s comment, “Any Character from X for X reason.” does count as a vote. It counts as a vote for “Any Character from X.”

any character that would be added due to nostalgia of MVC2

Capcoms done some cool shit with NEW characters and I’d rather see more new than re-built old characters.

I don’t want to see Gene, Ms. Marvel and Gambit.

Especially Ms. Marvel.

Megaman, because I thoroughly enjoy watching the die hard fans’ salty tears gently descend their acne ridden faces, finally collecting in a pool atop a stack of hot pockets, Cheetos, anime DVDs, and crushed dreams of being attractive to the opposite sex. Oh god it tastes so good.

Also, how would he add anything Zero doesn’t already bring to the table? The series is already adequately represented with Zero and Tron.


Tally thus far (just to show how I’m working this.)

  1. Any Character from MvC2 - 2 votes.
  2. Gene - 1 vote.
  3. Gambit - 1 vote.
  4. Ms. Marvel - 1 vote.
  5. Megaman’s fans - 1 vote.
  6. lemonlure - 1 vote.

Gambit - The character is pretty meh, and I don’t like his playstyle much either
Venom - same as Gambit
Ken - I like the character a lot, but we already have Ryu and Akuma.

Any type of Mega Man

Gene’s another punchy character based off lame humor, MegaMan is already represented as a series, and Gambit is just boring overall

megaman cause i realllllly don’t see no point of him in this game

Well, this threads stupid.

Good day sir.

Anymore furries.

On a more serious note;

  1. X - As much as I love Mega Man and the series, there’s the whole “What would -insert character- uniquely bring to the cast?” And Zero does everything as it is. If anything, it would just end up another Ryu x Akuma where they do basically the same with a few exceptions, different benefits, etc.
  2. Gambit - On paper A guy with a stick, and projectile cards. In short, a lesser Dante which we already have.
  3. Juggernaut - Enough big burly brawlers with bullshit Super armored normals in the game. And I love Jugg :frowning:

I don’t really know a reason a character SHOULDN’T be nominated, unless going based on uniqueness from the cast, so sorry if reasons don’t necessarily fit with your criteria.

  1. Lemonlure - Just cause.
  1. Any Character from MVC2 not named Thanos. (With a Completely new move set lets not be lazy capcom)
  2. Anyone else from Devil May Cry or Resident Evil. Give Dr wily or Sigma a chance to shine.
  3. After maybe 2 more males per side anyone else with a penis. Game needs more boobs.

1.psyloke because she is trash
2.megaman because he is ass
3.cyclopse because hes a loser

  1. Noone from Megaman.
  2. No more friggin Pixie characters.
  3. No more characters with teleports.
  1. No more characters with teleports, they are part of the reason why this game is fucked up. Seriously we have…

  2. No more DMC/Resident Evil characters, We need Capcom exploring it’s obscure fighting games, or it’s other series. DMC/Resident Evil has taking too many slots.

  3. No More X-men Characters, this isn’t the 90’s anymore. We need Marvel exploring the other half of the Marvel universe. Gambit, Psylocke,etc are character that will be recurring in every X-men franchise. They won’t be going anywhere, however. There is a large fraction of the Marvel universe that never saw the light of day. You got Spider-man villans not named Venom that could actually work pretty well in this game.

No Gambit, because his time has passed. He’s a reject from the 90’s who managed to survive to this day thanks to the cartoon and his adolescent appeal.
No Venom, see Gambit.
No Carnage, see Gambit, also it’s worse for Carnage because he was purposefully EX-TREEEEEME even for the 90’s as a form of commentary. People still took the character seriously. He has fans. To this day. That is crazy to me.

Also, Gambit would be a lesser Dante, Carnage would be Glass-cannon Spidey and Venom… idk, maybe he has something to offer gameplay wise, if they redesign him a bit towards something more like a semi-grappler of sorts, but even so, i’d rather see new characters than old ones for nostalgia’s sake. Specially super-dated ones like Venom.

EDIT: All of the above being said, I don’t care all that much; i mean, a new char is a new char. I just thought the thread makes for a nice experiment. And that’s my answer.