**Unofficial** X-Men VS Street Fighter Tournament!

XvSF SINGLES Tournament at EVO!

EVO will be the greatest collection of SF players in the country. It seems only right, to use this time to have the greatest XvSF Turney in the HISTORY of the United States! Never have so many top players of this classic game been together at one time!

Here it is:

XvSF SINGLES Tournamnet:

What: 2/3 single elim. NO losers bracket! You must win your matches to stay in the game! Finals will be a round robin between the top three to determine 1st place.

When: Friday, the 12th in the BYOC room. Signups start approximately at 5, turney starts at 6 pm.

3 Dollar entry fee.

1st place gets all the winnings, 2nd gets entry fee back.

This tournamnet wil be thrown on Cigarbob’s massive controller, on Verion 2 Arcade (via Supergun).


This will without a doubt be the greatest collection of US XvSF players in the history of the United States! Some attendees include:

Prozac Nation - XvSF Combomaster and innovator of 200% combos
Sabre - AZ State Champ
David Lee - MWC XvSF Champ from 2003
Justin Wong - MWC XvSF Champ from 2004
Combofiend - Singlehandedly defeated Team EC in last years’ Team Turney Finals
Umthrfkr - VA’s own Rogue Master
MegamanDS - One of Family Fun’s Finest
Pignutz - Magneto and Storm Master!
DSP - Top 2 at MWC 2003
Ricky Ortiz - Need I say more?

And that’s just a few of the people who will be there!

Who is the best at XvSF!? Is Socal top? Does EC have what it takes? Will an unknown take the crown?

An event like this on this game has NEVER been done at EVO before! Post here, or look for me or CigarBob at EVO for details.


Sounds like fun I’ll give it a go, should be a lot of fun…see you guys at EVO.


im in@@@@@@@@

Har har, Justin Wong and Ricky Ortiz? I beat both those schmoes. I hope David Lee is ready this year because I’m not going to pick low tiers if I face him again…

wow this sure doesn’t sound like the same DSP that was talking on IRC backing down from Afro Legends.

Im sure with all your skill you will dominate…


Backing down from a money bet because I have no money, and backing out of a singles tourney I have a high chance of winning, are two totally separate things. At the least my $5 or whatever this will cost will go to good use since I’ll get to play some of the best XSF players in the US today and probably get a lot of matches out of it. Now compare with betting money vs. Afrolegends that 1. I don’t have and 2. will just be a waste of time since his Dee Jay isn’t even that good. I didn’t back down, I simply have no money to bet with people …if that’s the case, then I have to bet with Shirts in ST and lots of others who have been challenging me for months. I don’t have the money for bets, but I will definitely be in all the XSF and ST events.

Of course I’m down. Fuck, I am driving us all. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

Update on recording matches.

I will be bringing a video camera to evo as well. I will set it up on teh cabinet with the audo going to the dvd-r so we will get all the croud reactions. This will be the same for ST,A3,XvSF or any other money match games that will be held on it.

should be a blast.

And DSP im sure you are 100x better then Afro. That is why you should take his bet. Like you said his dj is not that great. Im sure you will own him easy.

Yep still a fag.


David Lee will not be attending EVO. SO I will not get my revenge :sad:

DAMN. i’m MAD that I missed the XvSF tournament. I didn’t get to Green Valley Ranch today (Saturday) until 4:00pm. if I knew there was going to be an XvSF tournament, I would’ve been there earlier. WTF. i hate that crap. being all mysterious.

vids people?


1st - vic aka dogface
2nd - dan aka megamands
3rd - i believe thomas

GGs peeps. final 8 matches were recorded so vids will be put up soon.

tourney was bannanas, vic touches u with wolv DONE O_o
must get vids

Yes I have the vids. I also have 3hrs of casual play from the ffa’s guys room from thursday night. As soon as I get a dvd reader ill cap them and make a best of and the final 8.

congrats to vic for coming 1st, could someone please show me the results for everyone, other than just top 3, that would be great.

All I know is I played non-infinite low tier evil mutants team of Sabretooth/Juggs so I came in pretty low, I didn’t think everybody was gonna whore out infinites but thats exactly what MegamanDS did to me. Not complaining at all, I just like to have fun. so I lost. Oh well.

Congrats to cigarbob for makeing a work of art. Had lots of fun playing casual Xmen v.s street fighter

Hey, Neil. First off, I was really glad to meet you. Wish I could have been in that back corner playing with you guys more. I think all weekend long, I had one casualmatch played total. :slight_smile: Secondly, your cabinet f*cking rocks. Thank you so much for letting us borrow it. That thing was WAY too good for helping our tournament. Thirdly, once you get those clips capped, let us know. We’ll be more than happy to host it with our bitorrent stuff here on SRK.

  • James

this was recorded right? and was prozac a no show?

Prozac actually did show up, he was one of the random peeps in line during the casual play we were doing. He was fucking HORRIBLE which surprised the hell out of all of us, seriously. This guy was trying to do basic super combos, I personally saw MegamanDS tear him a new asshole off of one punch throw and the guy left and NEVER CAME BACK. No fucking lie! He wasn’t around for XSF singles and we never even saw him again, haha.