UNoMvC3 Video Thread (July 20, 2012) (Clifton, NJ)


These are the videos recorded from the tournament “Ultimate Night of MvC3” at the Digital Press Video Games store, July 20, 2012.

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Results Thread - Ultimate Night of MvC3 Results [July 20, 2012] [Clifton, NJ]

Round 1 Matches

Xavier vs JRCash
FuZySLiPeRz vs Andrew M
Chris M vs Tyler H
Leonell vs Ayodeji
Matt L vs Lee Gomez
Patty vs Intrigue
Bemilton S vs Madness
Allan Z vs Grimm
JMic vs Kyle W
Ramses vs Nick
Knight vs Picasso

Round 2 Matches

FuZySLiPeRz vs Xavier
Matt L vs Intrigue
Madness vs Alan Z
Kyle W vs TJ
Ramses vs Picasso
Max vs MasterSteve00

Round 3 Matches
Chris M vs FuZySLiPeRz
Intrigue vs Madness
Ramses vs Kyle
Travis vs Max

FuZySLiPeRz vs Intrigue

Tie Breaker (for 3rd)
FuZySLiPeRz vs Ramses

Grand Finals
Intrigue vs Max