Unpopular Anime/Manga Opinions


Since their is a thread for video games, and I figured most of the people on this site watch anime and read manga, I would make a thread. To start things off:

I actually enjoyed Gundam Wing and its one of my favorite Gundams.

Hideyoshi is ugly and I hate traps.

The Big Three suck balls.

Bleach is all about the fanservice and tits.

Anime hasn’t been good since 2007.

Too many moe shows and loli bullshit has ruined anime/manga.

  • G Gundam is awesome.
  • Evangelion sucks. Gurren Lagann = greatest Gainax anime of all time. OF ALL TIME.
  • Anime girl fanservice is lame and unnecessary. As is yaoi bait bullshit.
  • I don’t like One Piece.
  • Yotsubato! is better than Azumanga Daioh.
  • I don’t like Berserk or Claymore, or really anything that shows gore and tits just for the sake of saying “hay gaiz this is adult”.

More when I think of them.


Anime movies are still consistently good.


I like Dragon Ball Z for the reasons most people hate it. I also like it better than Dragon Ball.

-a lot of action
-not as much humor as DB
-really long and drawn out sequences and battles
-cool super saiyans and saiyan mythology
-villians with multiple forms
-focus on a psychology of striving to achieve greater and greater power, and training.
-The good guys are good, the bad guys are bad. Mostly.

It’s just a really really good show. I even like the dub versions. I like the voice actors, and the music. I could do without all the censoring, but I don’t think it ruins the show at all. I actually miss the US soundtrack sometimes when I watch the Japanese versions. Goku’s SSJ3 transformation is much more epic, and even scary in the US version than the Japanese imo.


Agree with these. I like Azumanga, but enjoy Yotsubato! more.

A couple of mine:
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad is one of my favorites ever, engrish aside.
I refuse to watch shounen battle shows (ie. Naruto, Bleach, etc). Shit sucks.
Anything by Adachi is GDLK. People, watch/read Cross Game.
I enjoyed Mushiuta and Chrome-shelled Regios. Yep.

More to come.


You know, fuck what everyone else says, I like the US soundtrack of DBZ a LOT better than the original jap music. Another good example of its superiority was the scene where Vegeta shoots that gigantic Final Flash at Cell. That music gave me goose bumps and the jap version doesn’t even touch it.
I also like the voice acting as well, especially Goku. I can’t stand the way he sounds in the undubbed version. Vegeta’s voice is very well done too.

Just my two cents.


I don’t like anime


I think pretty much most anime and manga blows. I liked this shit when I was a kid but now it’s all cliche bullshit. “THERE’S NO WAY HE CAN DO THAT!” “You just don’t get it, do you?” then somebody laughs and/or cringes “YOU BASTARD” and the main character goes super sayin.

At least the shit that doesn’t take itself too seriously like Samurai Champloo still holds up.

Oh, and the sub dub argument is dumb. “IT’S ABOUT THE TONE AND INFLECTION OF THEIR VOICE!!!”. You’re not japanese. Get over yourself.


Wow. Well said.


QFT. American DBZ is awesome. Anyone seen Cashern Sins? Shit was pretty awesome. I wish there was more action in it though.


I prefer Cowboy Bebop dubbed.
One Piece is the only manga I can read without facepalming.
I thought Endless Waltz was a badass movie.
I really dont like reading Gantz.
Lately, Hajime no Ippo has been sucking balls.


^ Steve Blum alone probably makes up for most of the percentage on why the dubbing sounds great.


The only good anime is the kind that’s very rigidly based on western media.


G Gundam is the best Gundam.

Seed and Wing are hella gay and boring.

Lelouch whatever its named is the gayest shit ever. Fucking mainstream yaoi shit.

Cowboy Bebop is fucking whackboring. Seriously, dying in my chair boring.

And what Leigh said I agree with.


DBZ? I thought this was the unpopular anime thread.

It’s been awhile since I’ve picked up anime. Should get togather with my anime peeps and watch some.

Some rare ones I’ve seen on late night dish network:

  • Blue Gender

  • Samurai Deeper Kyo

  • Street Fighter II V

  • Blue Seed

  • Vampire Hunter D

Saw a couple of other series/movies too, but I don’t remember the titles. Maybe you all can help me out with the names.

  • *forgot the name for this one. It’s a starship ran entirely by women and the three guys on the ship are prisoners for being men. One of them is referred to as “Mr. Alien” in the english dub.

*This one I think I saw in an anime and in a real life movie. A necromonic woman appears in a victim’s bed making a strange noise with her mouth (kinda like a frog) before she attacks them.

  • Another one was about a Kickboxer who had a grusome fight with this guy who can stick his fingers into your body and pull out yout nervous system cords. BEWB had an av with the guy on it.

*A girl meets a boy who plays a violin while she sings an adaptation of the John Devner song “Country Roads”. Might be different from the original Jap. version.

  • A female highschool teacher who has family ties with the yakuza. The principal is a pushover, the principal’s brother is a douche, the music teacher is kinda horny for the kids, and there’s people out there trying to ruin the teacher’s career. Great series but I forgot the name.

  • A couple of guys venture out. Don’t remember the whole group or what the purpose for going on the quest, but one guy had a gun and there was a kid based directly off the Monkey King (SonSon).

  • A wild chick who wears face paint on her face and fur over her head. I think she was a princess.

  • Don’t remember what movie this came from, but I can never forget this scene. Some chick (I think she was a pizza delivery chick) comes into a guy’s apartment, eyes not visible, and stabs him to death with a screwdriver.

A shame I don’t have Direct TV anymore.


My only gripe about dub is the fact that most of the people that do it don’t put the same amount of effort as their japanese counter parts. It’s like they just say the lines with no emotion, like you can here them cashing their paycheck thru the dialog. One the other hand there are some execptions to this rule. I think a BIG factor is that alot of the Japanese Va’s are typically a lot older than the american ones. And they are crazy enough to actually take their job seriously, japanese work ethic is pretty fucking epic.


And so should the rest of the world, if they’re smart. :rofl:

Cowboy Bebop was like, tailor-made to be in English or something. It just works.


i haven’t watched an anime in like a year and haven’t “followed” anime in like 6, BUT…noir is one of the GOAT animes and it’s really a shame that more people haven’t seen it.



this is also why i mentioned the movies they’re the only good part.


I… Like… some shoujo.