Unpopular gaming opinions SECOND IMPACT


Don’t know who made the first thread, but I’m making the second. Post your opinions about games that you’re sure others will find unpopular. I’ll begin:

  • Metal Slug 3 is a PIECE OF SHIT. It’s like Sonic CD: super-freaking-bad, yet everyone loves it for some reason. It has multiple paths. WHOOPDEE FREAKIN’ DOO. I can fall asleep playing this bore-fest. It’s tedious, and started the “let’s make the series Battletoads-cheap” trend that 4 and 5 continued. 3 is better than 4 or 5, but that’s it.

  • Metal Slug 6 is WAAAAAY better than the rest of the series. That’s right. You heard me. Unique character properties, good pacing in the levels, good bosses, all around fun. Way better than shitty, shitty 3. And a little better than 2 or X. Plus, it’s the only game in the Anthology that doesn’t lag so bad it’s nearly unplayable. Though it still lags a little.

  • Yes, the Anthology lags, at least on PS2. If you aren’t noticing it, TRY LOOKING HARDER because it’s there.

  • Sonic CD sucks. I say this like once every three months. But it’s true. It’s the second-worst Sonic game ever made, right behind Sonic 360/PS3. Sonic Team can suck my balls. If I ever get the money I’m buying Sonic. As in the rights to the characters and games. So I can make one that doesn’t fucking suck.

  • To paraphrase Viscant: Sonic 2 had it right. We’ve been going in the wrong direction ever since. Add this: Sonic 2 wasn’t made entirely by Sonic Team. That should tell you something right there.

  • Final Fantasy 7 was overrated, as was 12.

  • Square-Enix is shit.

  • Vyse is the best main character in an RPG ever. Ever. Cloud doesn’t even come close.

  • A fun and competitive 3D Street Fighter is possible. Just because all current attempts have sucked doesn’t mean they should stop trying.

  • No, people aren’t saying your favorite game is a piece of shit just because they suck at it. Chances are if 95% of the world says it is a piece of shit, it’s because it’s a piece of shit. This is directed to you Sonic fanboys out there.

  • Kirby Superstar was the SNES’s best game. Yes, I’ve played Super Metroid, Yoshi’s Island, Illusion of Gaia, and (in all likelihood) any other game you care to mention.

  • Doom wasn’t a corridor shooter. It was an arcade action twitch game that spawned corridor shooters. Doom plays nothing like what it preceded. That’s why people still play it and make levels for it.

  • Metroid Prime isn’t a corridor shooter. It’s an exploration-RPG game that just so happens to put you in a first-person perspective, using guns, in corridor-heavy environments.

  • The Wiimote sucks. Except for WarioWare. Actually the Wii sucks in general. And I love every other Nintendo system I own.

  • Ocarina of Time wasn’t as good as Wind Waker. Yeah, I said it. Wind Waker’s only blemish was the Triforce hunt.

  • No game, past or present, has as cool a final boss battle as Wind Waker. Gears of War kinda-sorta comes close.

  • Gears of War is 20 times better than any shitty Japanese game you care to mention.

  • Shmups are, at their basest level, about memorization. I hope that shmups become more random and promote more reactivity instead of Dance Dance Revolution twitch. Geometry Wars is a move in the right direction. So was the meteor level in Gradius V.

  • Astroboy is the best GBA title you’ve never played. It’s by Treasure and is very Gunstar Super Heroes-ish. Find this game NOW.

  • Double Dragon Advance is the second best GBA title you’ve never played. Give it five minutes and tell me it wasn’t worth every penny, I dare you.

  • Metal Gear sucks. I just care for the story. On the inverse, Snake is awesome and makes Smash Bros. more awesome just by being in it.

  • The American Zelda cartoon was FUCKING GREAT regardless of what otaku Japanophiles believe. Cocky ass mercenary Link > never talks game Link.

  • Captain N… was mostly shit. :rofl: But the good episodes were stellar. And yes, the same Link appears here, and other than some initial whining, he’s as cool as ever.

  • Pichu w/ goggles better be in Brawl.

  • See that dude in my AV? That’s Rei, the coolest Capcom character ever made. He got the shaft in the game he was in… so he better be the star of MvC3 :rofl: (Insert El Salvador reference here)

  • Symphony of the Night was not the best Castlevania game.

  • Super Castlevania 4 was better than SotN. /braces for impact

  • Megaman X8 is the best X game. Ignore Gigavolt Man-o-War’s stage, though. The rest of the game is pure sex.

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You deserve to be raped irl for saying this.


halo sucks


Super Castlevania is definitely the best. I agree. Symphony of the Night is a great game, but if there ain’t a Belmont at the helm it ain’t Castlevania proper.

Also: Console FPS games all suck. All of them. Except Perfect Dark and GoldenEye.



Who the fuck hasn’t played Astroboy for GBA? Fucking tank ass game. It didn’t leave my GBA for a weeks.


Rock n’ Roll Racing begs to differ.



I strongly dislike Final Fantasy X. I never liked Final Fantasy 7. Or any Final Fantasy for that matter, what a shitty fucking series imo.

Super Smash Brothers Melee is my favorite game of all time, and if I had to rate all the games ever made based on how good a game they are all-around (Replayability, enjoyment, etc) SSBM would be in the top 5. In a similar manner to MvC2, it kind of happened on accident, the end result was never intended from the viewpoint the makers made the game, but what happened was an endlessly replayable, fun, amazing game. I’ve played it since the day it came out and to this day I still can’t get enough.

N64 and Dreamcast were probably the 2 best systems ever, with SNES coming close behind. Xbox was a piece of shit, Xbox 360 is a piece of shit, PS3 doesn’t have anything that remotely makes me want to pay that kind of money. PS1 and PS2 were great systems, PS3 needs to fucking keep up, and microsoft needs to die.

FPS games need to fucking stop being made. It’s old. It is much worse than sports games at this point, at least only EA is making the sports games… fucking 10 new FPS drop every week and they are all the same fucking game. I have nothing against a good fps being made, but that happens once every 5 years…

Additionally, FPS on consoles is a fucking dumb idea. Console controls are simply not good enough when compared to a PC, there is no upside to the controller. Keyboard/mouse always better imo.

I’m the only person on the planet that is disappointed Blizzard is making starcraft 2. I’d honestly rather see Diablo 3, Warcraft 4, or even World of Starcraft. Incoming flames.

People need to shut the fuck up about dota. Newsflash: Dota is not hard to play, it’s not complicated, it doesn’t require personal skill (It’s 100% teamwork and positioning, and character choice), and is not a better game than WC3. People who buy WC3 for dota make me sick, that game has literally its own entire game universe inside it (1v1, 2v2, FFA are all very different game types, there is an entire world of maps people make, you can make your own, etc) and all anyone ever does is dota. Its fucking stupid.

Skies of Arcadia is much better than whatever RPG you like. Vyse is the fucking man. Raphael is the best character dressed like a frenchmen to ever see the screen of a television. The game is more unique, more interesting, and better than anything else, ever, in the rpg genre.

Rant mode off.


Metal Slug 3 is a PIECE OF SHIT

I stopped reading after that. I’m sorry, but after this 24 hours I am legally entitled to neg you. Things like that can’t be said without some sort of punishment.


I didn’t like Metal Gear much.


Your penis deserves to be pierced by a thousand flaming rusty nails. :arazz:


Super Mario Brothers sucked. Shitty ass graphics.


as much as i hate to say it, i agree with you on this. nothing but sequels remakes and spinoffs ever since this merger happened, and when the only signs of innovation comes from KINGDOM FUCKING HEARTS, then you know there’s a problem.

Some of my opinions

-Gears of War is great, but has the WORST ONLINE PLAY EVER. everyone is in denial at just how fucking badly Epic botched this game online. and im not even talking about glitches, when the game is just unable to synch properly in between people you know you fucked up. despite that i still like playing it

-as great a game as 3rd strike is, the game boils down to who has the best supers and most managable meters to work with them and thats end of story.


Castlevania IV isn’t the best CV game on the SNES, nevermind even close to the best in the series. Yeah I said it, Dracula X SNES is better than CVIV. “Hi I’m big bad Dracula, let me spam this final battle with more chicken life-ups than you can find in the rest of the game combined!” CVIV has clunky action and lame difficulty, only advantage I’d give IV is in music (IV and Lament on PS2 have the best soundtracks in the series, at least imo)…

And saying MS3 is “a piece of shit” is unfair, even if the gameplay isn’t polished (and I agree, MSX is the peak of the first four games), MS3 gets credit for being the best looking 2D game ever.

I’ll add more later…


I had to have rented that game a hundred times as a kid. Also, the rom has gotten me through many boring days at various jobs through the years.


This is near blasphemy. Every knows X1 is the king, and X4 is the prince. However, X8 is the best 2-D Megaman game since X4, so I’ll let you off with a warning this time.
Man-o-War’s stage isn’t the only stage that sucks. Yeti’s, Pandamonium’s, Rooster’s, Sigma Palace, Jakob’s Elevator all also seriously suck. It’s amazing that the game is still as good as it is despite half the levels being total ass, and the fights against Vile and Sigma being total jokes.

You’re lucky that you decided to rant against FPS, so I don’t have to destroy you over this.

Also, Skies of Arcadia is somewhat overrated.
The game WOULD be one of the best RPGs of all-time easily if:

  1. The game wasn’t so damn easy
  2. The battle system was a lot better
  3. Ramirez wasn’t such a lackluster, poor excuse for a main villain

Also, as a Gamestop employee for over 2 years now, I have come to hate the casual American gamer more than life itself.
I am SOOOOOOOO fucking tired of no one I meet having any interest at all in any game that:
a) Doesn’t feature shooting tedious hordes of enemies as the main aspect of gameplay
b) Doesn’t have cars/vehicles
c) Isn’t any kind of sports game INCLUDING huntin’, fishin’, and "rasslin"
d) Doesn’t have the words “War” or “Kombat” in the title

If it wasn’t for the fucking Nintendo fanboys, I wouldn’t sell anything else at all besides games which feature a,b,c,d or some kind of combination thereof.


Which is also part of why Sonic Rush was the only recent Sonic game that didn’t suck ass (apparently Dimps, the Rumble Fish guys, did most of the work).

EDIT: Scratch that, more like all of the work.


Wind Waker was indeed better in many ways than OoT. And the final boss fight with Gannondorf is just as good as the final boss fight with Ganon.

I can’t stand going backward to play SF2: WW. I’m sorry but something deep inside me hates to go backward beyond ST. I can play Turbo, but I won’t enjoy it as much as kicking ass or getting my ass kicked in ST. (Raises Spartan shield for raining arrows)

Megaman X series is the best series in all of the various Megaman series. Legends comes close but MMX is just classic.

CvS2: EO on GC is playable. Not good playable and no where near arcade playable, but it can be played to some enjoyment.

Following has been Quoted for both Truth and Realness.


If your talking about Metal Gear 1 then yeah, it’s like going back and trying to play SF 1 or AOF almost unplayable, but the Metal Gear Solid series is sex, the boss fights are legendary.


square enix is just shit and sequels true, but revenant wings is a great game so don’t go too hard until you play that. dq9 also looks great. too bad they totally fucked seiken densetsu.

in agreement with taito on CV. calling CV IV the best in the series is laugh out loud hilarious.


Tony Hawk games are fun. At least 3/4 were, Tony Hawk 4 is one of the games I’ve spent the most time playing outside of Skies of Arcadia, Lufia 2 and SSB:M, my holy trifecta of console goodness.

Lufia 2 is also better than whatever rpg you like, as well as whatever adventure game you like, at the same time.

  1. Skies of Arcadia with a hard mode available after you win would be fucking perfect.
  2. I like the battle system fine, there’s just some broken skills (Aika delta force, Vyse Skull Shield, Fina superheal lol)
  3. Yeah he did kind of blow, but he served his purpose. The main characters more than make up for him.