Unpopular gaming opinions SECOND IMPACT


zelda 2 is better than original zelda…


Settle down slugger. A few days ago, people already brought up the same observations you just now mentioned. My opinion and lack of grammatical review must be so unpopular and infuriating to you, that it prompted an immediate response before you began to read any of the following posts.

Okami is an overrated game. That game is so easy that I don’t even know if there is a game over screen. Combat consists of mashing the attack button and drawing a line across enemies. The story isn’t anything new either, it’s just a different take on Japanese mythology.


That nigga speaks before thinking 100% of the time.


Okami is overrated? What the FUCK. Now I’ve read everything.


The End is the single best boss fight in MGS.


99% of my posts are biased. I apologize to anyone I have offended over the years.

@ShogunZ and @HD-Man come to mind of people that I have wronged with my blatantly biased posts.

Also @Mr. X taught me how to use the word Ironic.

I also got premium from SRK so that I could neg rep Stuart Hayden since he negged me for my blatant guilty gear trolling. I was like yo how did user neggin me when I’m srk OG. I got some dvd’s out of it and a false sense of entitlement…soooo empty inside.


KOF 13 is not the return of old school fighters. A lot of dudes hype it up as a return to older fighters that didn’t have comeback mechanics and catered to scrubs and it isn’t that. It’s just not as obvious about it like Capcom fighters. EX Moves and EX supers are derpy as hell. And the devs took away the ability to do a regular grab on wakeup and they took away Mexican Uppercuts that stop hop pressure from a ton of characters.

It’s not a bad game but it’s not like the other KOF’s. It basically breaks down to get one combo, put them in the corner, hop pressure/psych out, GG. And the other games weren’t like that. It’s too bad.


It’s really shows up the problem with modern gaming, you dont hardly have any choice now, it’s either fifa or pro, there’s nothing else, kinda sad really, i really loved that one on the saturn world wide soccer i think, not the sega one, i cant remember who made it, i just remember micheal owen on the cover.
I was the best footie game up till when iss98 came and destroyed it


I spy…a contradiction! That’s like saying Dragonball wasn’t new because it was a different take on the Monkey King.
Or Resident Evil wasn’t anything new, because it was just a different take on zombies.
Or Street Fighter wasn’t anything new, because people have been fighting since before recorded history.
I could go on.

By the way, just because something’s easy or derivative, doesn’t make it not good. Almost everything Nintendo, half of the fighting genre, every MMO ever, etc…

But then you’re entitled to your opinion.

I might be one of the few people who likes DLC to the point I won’t play a game until all the DLC is out and there’s a GOTY/Enhanced/Complete edition out.


Except hackers have unlimited access to items to keep themselves in first place, and even if they don’t finish first, they can make the results show that they did to keep their rank.

Man, hacking is dumb[/unpopularopinion]


I never said anywhere that the story in Okami wasn’t interesting, good, etc. I just said it was a different take on Japanese mythology. Okami isn’t the first story to have its own take on Japanese mythology and it won’t be the last. Resident Evil and Street Fighter weren’t very special in terms of story either, the gameplay was what made those games unique.


people who complain about a game being to easy or too difficult is dumb, I can beat almost any game with out having a game over so who cares, people play games for fun. If you only want to have a challenge, I suggest you start doing speed runs for battle toads, dark souls, super ghouls and ghost, and solomans keys


I think the MGS series has the most intriguing boss fights. Mario series boss fights are by far the least.


Megaman 3 is the harder then 1



I’m sorry.


You should be.




If you think Plants vs. Zombies is enjoyable in any way I do not want to be friends with you


I thought it was okay. I don’t get the hype behind it.


I fucking hate the EX moves and HD combos in 13. Too retarded.