Unpopular Music Opinions


To start the thread off:

Prince>Michael Jackson

Chinese Democracy is good as a Axl Rose solo record.

My Chemical Romance is actually good.


Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  • Linkin Park is awesome.
  • I don’t care that Metallica cut their hair.
  • The Beetles are highly overrated.
  • A Dark Halo is the best band nobody gives a shit about, much better than that ‘indy’ shit people fap to.
  • Most indy music is indy because it just isn’t good.
  • Eminem is the greatest rapper alive.
  • Tupac >>> Biggie
  • Dragonforce is awesome, studio band or not…
  • Beyonce is terrible. The black Britney Spears basically.
  • In hindsight, however, Spears wasn’t even that bad.
  • WWE’s Jim Johnston is a genius.
  • Power Ranger’s Ron Wasserman is, too.


2Pac is not in the top 3 rappers of all-time

Coldplay’s Discography > U2’s Discography

Elvis is overrated

Who the fuck are the Beetles?


every music opinion is unpopular :coffee:


The Need for Speed 3 soundtrack is arguably better than all of the other franchise’s soundtracks combined.

Actually, the Need for Speed 3 GAME is better than all of the other NFS games.


Helmet is way better than Quicksand.


-u2 is garbage
-2pac isn’t a top 10 mc
-it was written > illmatic
-doggystyle >>> illmatic, and prob the GOAT rap album
-britney spears’ new music (post-2005) is dope


-Not exactly music-related but it concerns a pop music performer—> I don’t care about the rumors. Lady Gaga would get hit with the quickness.

-Britney’s song “Toxic” is very good, imo. TnA sidenote–> the “fat” version of Britney is so much better…she has a natural tendency towards thick, juicy ass…it’s probably in her genetic makeup. That Big White Booty is prime time, quality material.

-I love Miley’s “Party in the U.S.A.”.

-I still don’t see what’s so great about Lil’ Wayne…that dude sounds like shit, and I mean that literally. If a living turd could speak and had a rap career, I imagine it would sound like that guy. Perhaps he made a deal with Satan himself…but it continues to amaze me that this guy has been a successful, major name in the industry for several years now. The reactions would be priceless if you could go back in time a little bit and tell various people about him…"Really? THAT guy is …successful? Get the fuck outta here…"

-Nothing I’ve heard from Amy Winehouse even qualifies as being “tolerable”. Then the industry saw fit to award her with a GRAMMY, are you serious!?

-Most other versions of Fly Me to the Moon are way better than the Frank Sinatra version… my favorite is now from Brenda Lee. (*yeah, I only know of it now thanks to Bayonetta’s ending performance)

*I hate remixes 90% of the damn time. “Give me a soft subtle mix, and if it aint broke then don’t try to fix it.

Doom on playstation had MUCH better music than the MIDI-rock garbage on the PC original. The psx version’s music and ambient sounds were much more appropriate to the setting and atmosphere of the game.


Unpopular? Oh yeah, sure I got one.

-Rap sucks. ALL OF IT. I seriously do not see the appeal at all and these guys aren’t even real musicians and should not make as much money as they do.


MTV destroyed music
I wish I would have lived in the 70s :sad:


I know he has been mentioned already, but it needs to be said again. 2pac isn’t that great.
Krayzie Bone of Bone thugs n harmony is a top 5 rapper


I cry when I hear that people actually enjoy Nickelback. I live in Florida so there’s enough fans here to qualify it as unpopular.


I buy music


So do you believe punk bands like the Ramones were musicians? Also I wouldn’t mind knowing your stance on poetry.


kayne is a fat faced piece of shit who sucks.


I don’t listen to music.


someone even mentioning quicksand in this thread is amazing, even if they’re saying another band is better. manic compression is one of my top 10 favorite albums of all time.


Thin Lizzy > AC/DC


nothing really comes to mind for me at the moment. i don’t have any opinions on music that are ‘unpopular’ i guess.

i hate people who try to act cool because they listen to more obscure music than you, like it means something. also i don’t care if a band is studio or not, all i want are good tunes. that’s probably why i love trance.

like 9/10 when someone is like ‘oh you dont like such and such genre until you’ve heard so and so’, i listen to so and so, and they suck.


doggystyle the only true 5 star goat rap album ever. though thursty, i wouldnt count that as unpopular. the people who dont have it in their top 3 or 5 (or recognize it as the best rap album ever) are the ones with an unpopular opinion.

rap is overrated, a lot. rappers nowadays are gay, all the way.