Unreal Tournament 3 Thread of Awesomeness

Yes, yes, yes, use this thread to organize games of greatness.

I’m actually contemplating getting the PC version now so I can use UnrealEditor.

Shit is godlike on PC. Runs so smooth.


It doesn’t run on my PC so well, at least the Demo doesn’t. But I’m wondering how the PS3 version runs? How are the Keyboard and Mouse controls for that? I’m probably going to get the PS3 version so long as it runs ok. This is the first PS3 game I have gotten excited about since VF5.

Yeah I am curious as well as to how the PS3 version runs/looks compared to the PC. Obviously it won’t be better, but I don’t think it could be too bad?

Love the controls, I didn’t even change any mappings. I like this over Crysis and Call of Duty 4 right now. :lovin:

PS3 people can play online with PC people for this correct?

It looks great, here’s a vid (a bit old) of the PS3 version played by an Epic dev.

Not at launch, could come somewhere down the line, but right now probably not, although both do use Gamespy dedicated servers so there is always a possibility.

Keyboard & Mouse controls are what you expect them to be.

What’s this I hear about wall-jumping?

Is this out already??? I MUST GET THIS

It is out and 1up talks about the differences in this vid as well as other stuff

it works great and you can use your controller and a mouse at the same time also no need to buy a Fragfx

if you have an HDMI Cable then think how it will run in HD :wgrin:
amazing i hope they will release a demo for the PS3

I just started playing last night. Keyboard and mouse aiming takes some getting used to, but I’m working on it. I think the game mode where you capture and destroy energy cores is pretty cool. Overall, I give this game an A+ for action.

ps3 doesnt support 1000hz USB mouses so you gotta drop down the polling to 500 or lower, but aside from that game runs smooth as hell.

this game is fucken mad shit.

I have this game as well. Feel free to add me to you FR list guys. Glad to see that you got the game Dj-Clayface. Hope to get some games in with you sometime.

Is there a way to play Keyboad + mouse vs Sixaxis controllers in the same game, or do they seperate it?

I believe I read somewhere that it is up to the host to choose whether or not he or she will allow both mouse and keyboard and sixaxis, so yes I think it can be done.

Ah, ok. If I try to play ‘any’, sometimes it will put me in a game where my KB and mouse aren’t working, so I have to pick up my six asses to play.

hit me up now!!!:mad:

I don’t know if guys know this but the mods are starting to come in. Today we get a user created
deathmatch map. Go here for more details http://gearsforums.epicgames.com/showthread.php?t=593988.


cross platform compatible with PC?