Unresponsive Omron Switches


I bought the silent JLF kit from Focus Attack a couple weeks ago, and one of the four Omron D2RV-G switches was unresponsive. It took a little more force to respond when compared to the others, and I found myself dropping combos as a result. Ordered a replacement, got the same issue. Is there a way I can disassemble the switch to see what’s wrong?


Are you sure it’s the switch and maybe not the actuator not hitting the switch? if you aren’t sure then take all the switches out of the joystick and leave them plugged in, then press each direction with your finger and see if it moves.

hope this helps.


I don’t think it’s the actuator; I’m using a Kowal actuator so it’s pretty easy to tell if one of them is unresponsive since there’s not much throw. I tried pushing them with my finger, but it’s kinda hard for me to tell if it’s the switch or if it’s just me.


Try switching back to a stock actuator any ways and see how it works.
Kowal actuator was not intended for Omron D2RV-G switches. The way the stock and Kowal actuators hit the switch is very diffrent.

Also the plunger (red plastic bit) on the D2RV-G and regular Omron switches are not the same


Funny you should say that because FA recommends using the Kowal actuator with the Silencer kit.

Anyway, I tried switching it out for the stock actuator, and while it seemed a little more responsive, I noticed that it was a lot harder to hit diagonals. It felt like I really needed to force it to get diagonals to come out. At first, I thought it had to do with the octagonal gate that I was using, but I tried switching it out with a square gate and it did the same thing. Is this normal?


I am sure they would as they sell it exclusively, it would be bad business sense not too.

And before you think I trying to tear FA a new one, understand Paradise Arcade recommends their own actuator with silent JLFs and modded to be silent JLFs.
The idea of switching back to the old actuator is to test out every possible cause.

Is this normal?
I not completely sure, D2RV-G are different than the regular switches.
But they are similar enough for Sanwa to use them, themselves.


I went through the same thing when I bought the original silent kit from PAS and used the normaly actuator (due to engage distance and actuator size). If you are using the silent kit, I would go with this:

http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/paradise-arcade-exclusive-products/979-05mm-oversized-jlf-delrin-actuator-lt.html as it’s the closest to the official silent JLF oversized actuator (if i remember correctly)