Unsafe distance for light sonic boom?



Is there an unsafe distance for the light sonic boom? Can you throw it point blank or is that unsafe?


The only time you are going to be punished for a Boom (they all have the same recovery, by the way) is if you throw one out after your opponent has jumped or something. They need to punish you before you do it, really.


Wrong. All sonic booms do not have the same recovery.


My eyes.


So there’s no unsafe distance then? Just don’t be predictable?


And if they jump over, should you always go for an anti-air like cr.hp or are there times where you should just be blocking high?


For the majority of cases, if they see your boom and jump on reaction to it, it’s un-safe for THEM because you punish their ass for jumping. Worst case scenario is you have to block because they may have a short jump arc or if they predicted your boom and jumped at the same time you threw it (or sometimes you still throw it even after seeing them jump), then yes you’ll probably get hit. Even then you probably won’t eat the jump-in, it’s the fact that they are now in your face that gives you problems.

Whether or not you go for an anti-air depends on your judgement of which AA is appropriate for the angle that the opponent is jumping at you and if you think you can get it out fast enough to not get stuffed by whatever your opponent throws out. Obviously you should AA if possible since it is one of Guile’s strengths and most of his game plan revolves around baiting and punishing people for jumping over sonic booms.

Just go in to training mode, do a light sonic boom (fastest recovery time) and mash cr.hp or st.mk to see just how soon it comes out after boom recovery.


After Guile says “Sonic” is what I go by Ahgama.
Seems to work well for me.
Sad face for x tekken "Sonic b"
oh that is with U S voices.


Essentially, most booms are punishable on block by close normals, so point blank is dumb. At what I’d call “footsy” distance, the opponent can just jump right over you if they can read the boom, or they just have to block (obviously watch out for fast stuff against blocked boom like Sakura’s low short from certain distances.) The most dangerous is from like, 60-75%-ish screen where, if read (to clarify, they jump essentially at the same time you boom, not as a reaction), your opponent can jump clear over a boom and get a jump-in combo.

I view Boom mainly as a tool that says “Come at me bro”, so I prefer to use it at more or less full screen.


uhh…last i checked. LP Boom is +4 on block. MP Boom is +2 on block and HP boom is 0 on block, none of those are punishable


What he said. The biggest problem that I have is being too predicable and having to block the jump-in or eating a boot to the face.


Depends on the distance. Sometimes, you can get players that think they are safe jumping over a boom with neutral standing forward. Has to be the right distance though.


I have to ask; I was also under the impression (I definitely read it somewhere, just not sure where) that the only variable to an SB was the speed it travels, both damage and recovery are the same no matter the button.
I’m pretty sure I read this at time of vanilla tho. Has it changed, or was this always wrong?




light sonic boom has the fastest recovery but the slowest speed. that is all I know


Awesome, thats the first time I’ve seen a full AE frame chart for guile. The one on SRK seems a bit of a mix.
Cheers for that dude.
Has his SB changed since SFIV tho?




Event hubs has a very good collection of frame data. For future reference. :smiley: