unsafe jump?


Hi everyone.
I am posting here to know if the jumps can be unsafe.

I know that jumps can be interrupted via anti air but, this is what I would like to know, what happens when I jump and, when I Iand on the ground, my opponent use a long range move that reach me? Can I block or FA or I am unsafe in that situation?

Please remember that I am almost totally noob about sf.


Umm not sure on what you are asking… Seems to me that you are asking if jumping has landing lag… Just wait for Eternal or someone to get here and answer your question. -_-


All jumps are unsafe, all the time.


If you jump and land on a move like a meaty cr.mk you’ll block. If you do an attack that doesn’t hit them for whatever reason, (low profiling, not active any longer, etc) then there are 2 frames where you’re unable to block and you can only block or tech frames 3 and 4. Then you can play as normal.

Here ya go. This should help.


You can block when you land. Most modern games have trip guard, i.e. you’re able to block during landing frames.

The opposite example would be any SF2 game, which does not have trip guard, so a well-timed sweep can and should be used as a viable anti-air.