Unsticky outdated threads please!

…and make a 2DF/GGPO sticky instead

it’s annoying to see new people still asking about kaillera and mame when those are very outdated

Kaillera is outdated. Mame is not.

Keep in mind Kaillera is a client and Mame is an emulator.

no worries. soon as I get some time off, I’ll revamp this whole area. Likely after final round

Kaillera is the only recourse for playing some games, maybe just a single sticky for MAME/p2p kaillera

make one thread with 3 sections… last one about kaillera
this way newbs will see there’s newer alternatives… instead of jumping stright to the kaillera sticky and ignoring everything else

:wonder: Just curious on how things are going with this, or if I should help out with the stickies or not… dood!


do it
this forum is a mess now

:wonder: Sorry for the late reply guys, kind of a busy week for me. I’ll have some free time tomorrow and I’ll see what I can do with it… dood.

This shouldn’t require too much effort. First unsticky the following threads.

  1. Official Kaillera Handles
  2. Courtesy Online

Mame/Kaillera p2p threads should be archived, remade and consildated into one thread.

Zbattle needs to be archived and re-made.

A suggestion, but Nintendo DS should probably be under the same forum as Nintendo Wii. Doesn’t matter though if it isn’t.

:wonder: Looked at all your ideas and made one big thread that has 2DF, GGPO, Kaillera, MAME & ZSNES here:

I want to get all of your input on what info I should put up in each section of the thread. Admittedly, I’m new to modding this forum and I haven’t posted here in about a year and a half so I’m quite behind on what’s going on in here. Is the info in the [MAME] and [Kaillera] too outdated to reference in the new thread? Any help would be awesome.

Oh yeah, like ChibiPotPie mentioned, the “official kaillera handles” thread should be unstickied, but do you think I should make a new and updated thread that will have SRK members’ 2DF, GGPO, Kaillera & MAME handles all in one. All these changes should take the number of stickies from 9 to 5… dood.