Untapped potential?

bleh, fuck the top tier listings w ron but I wouldn’t mind doing a low+tron one.

The first group would be the very good hi\lo characters.

  1. morrigan, omega red, chun, rogue, speed up wolvie, psylock there’s probably more from this list too. Just can’t remember all the characters.

speed up wolvie because you can’t push block him and he gets multiple hi\lo during tron rings while in speed up.

The 2nd group would be the best ground based characters who have awesome ground pressure and some of the hi\lo guys who aren’t as good as morrigan\rogue.

  1. cammy, charlie, bison, spidey, venom, ruby heart, mega man, marrowm gambit, juggy, guile,

The 3rd group would be the next version of ground based characters who aren’t as good as their 2nd tier version.

  1. shoto’s including sak and excluding dan, felicia, hulk?,

These ranking doesn’t necessarily reflect character rankings. This is just to determine who’s better with tron in a ranking.

I’ll fill this out later probably with a new low tier ranking. I need to be able to look @ the character select screen to determine this. My low tier rankings might not be 100% accurate but we play quite a bit low tier here in pensacola and we’ve been through the entire cast basically.

The one reason why I mention top tier in this listing is because I think some lower-tier duos may actually exceed the top tier characters. Cable/Tron, for instance, really doesn’t have the capabilities of Strider/Tron or even Wolve/tron, imo. I think even Rogue/Tron may surpass Cable/Tron’s abilities.

I don’t think it’ll be too long before Storm/Tron gets kicked off, too, in place of something like Chun/Tron or a nasty Psylocke/Tron. Tron assist just emphasizes totally different aspects of the point characters, esp with things like Storm not having an overhead as effective as Wolverine or Strider or Cammy or Chunli.

not sure if I completely agree with that. Storm has a nasty overhead game. Storm ron is retarded good and I don’t think any low tier combinations can fuck w\ it.

but yea, cable ron could possibly get swamped out by morrigan ron, mummy ron combinations but you can still make the argument that cable ron is slightyly better. I can’t play cable so I won’t make that call.

the one thing i think yall need to realize is that no matter what assist you have the tiers still hold strong, i mean cable by himself can be better than a duo just because of his meters, cable tron doesnt need maneuverability, in fact all cable tron needs is for a ring to hit so he can bust off shots, and that duo is very hard to fight. Mag/tron is retarded and so is storm/tron, sent/tron is fucking beastly.
What im trying to get at here is that the low tier combos plus tron seem nicer because they give the low tier characters what they need to even compete with the top tiers. It wont look as pretty with the top tiers because quite frankly they dont need tron at all, for them shes just easy damage on top of their already easy damage.

hm perhaps. I did like Storm/Tron for a while, but just felt that an instant overhead like Strider or Wolverines is much nastier. And if Chun could actually do resets with Tron with her infinites, I think she would exceed Storm’s abilities. I guess we’ll see.

I also think ChunLi/tron and Strider/tron can be right on par in effectiveness with the likes of Storm/Tron and Sent/Tron.

Mag/Tron seems to be at another level, only because Mag is the prime example of a rushdown character with triple-A rating to attack where he wants and go where he wants.

Also, the reason I put top tier in these rankings is in the case that somebody wants to develop their own hybrid teams based around Tron, it wouldn’t be bad to know that xx/Chun/Tron might be a better fit than xx/Cable/Tron. And I think that very well could be the case.

anakaris/tron(got some secret fast shit ;] )

all of those guys are impossible to block properly if you rushdown well

how u get in and how u counter using basics is the real issue.

once you learn which matchups you can do well in, it becomes team builder so you can buff up your mid char or first char to help in each matchup. low tier marvel combined with top tier char gets around alot of problems but not all…

it’s all team matchups

yea aint nothin i like seeing more than characters that werent given the time of day beat the crap out of the usual suspects

An interesting trap team my friend and I have been working on :

morrigan-anit air

morrigan tron like someone mentioned earlier can be quite shitty to fight in the right hands but spiral tron can really do a number on strong teams if played correctly.

Sprials teleports added with tron assist make for some damaging crossups.

The trap with sprial tron is close to sprial sent, rush punchs tron knives repeat and because of all the block stun, 6 hits from punchs plus 3 rings from tron AND random/delayed knives pushblocking isnt

Not only that but it has good running potenial. Tron can act as a shield for sprial to summon her blades. Tron covers ground rushing sprial can cover air with cirlce swords or whatever.

AND for a kicker…spirals ground assist is perfect for settin up trons infinite.

The team is flawed, morrigans weak and has no range with her stubby arms, sprial basicly relies on throwin shit and tron is predicable, all and all the teams fun, has a shock effect at first, is another trap team, and isnt the same old same old mag storm sent cable bullshit…

The only thing I don’t like about Spiral/Tron is that the version of the trap she has (which you mentioned above, too) requires Spiral to come up close with a physical attack (s. fierce or s. jab) + call tron at the same time.

This is different from Sent proj assist covering your ass because if you get nailed with say Psylocke-a when you come up to dash and do s. fierce after sent’s drones reach the opponent, at least it won’t be both you AND your assist getting tossed into the air for snapback -> dead assist. It makes Spiral/Tron more risky, but otherwise, you’re right, spiral/tron is a ghetto version of spiral/sent in many ways (a repeatable trap).

those of you who know spiral’s ground trapping know what I’m talking about.

you can solve a large part of the risky area by doing a TK quickdrop lp/lk for your tick hit plus Tron. Since the TK hits back inputs a bunch of times you get a built-in chance to block their counter hit-- pretty useful in an overhead.

That said, Spiral/Tron doesn’t really have a trap perse, just an open-ended option tree ftom your basic set-up.

am i the only one that still sees chun as weak? i mean yeah she has an infinite setup from anywhere, but we’re forgetting that her launcher sucks, crap health, no priority in any of her moves, etc. she can’t really do anything about run/keep away either because her dash isn’t exactly the fastest.

strider/tron definately has potential. but strider needs at least sentinel, and the three of them aren’t very pretty together

s. jab + tron, s. strong, (tron rings hit) reload, (s. fierce if you want to build more meter), throw swords, dash-up, repeat. It actually works pretty solidly against lower tier that won’t kill you if you get hit by an AAA like Mag/Psy.

Even if you skip doing s. jab + tron and just call Tron by herself, Spiral still has to come up close to use Tron = free mixup where Spiral works worst.

I’m pretty convinced Strider and Tron is a great duo on their own (no Sent needed). Tron Assist offers what Sent does, but with different advantaged/disadvantages: more damage, less projectile range, better crossup opportunity (2 rings combo, 3rd doesn’t unless very close), more ‘instant’ usability (by a little time, not much), less ‘overhead above Strider’ protection, better comboability, better assist-kill ability.

The crossups she offers are too ambiguous and truly become double-crossups against anybody as wide as cable or wider (Doom, BH, Sent, sometimes Mag, Jugg, etc.).

Clearly, Sent is a better character to have last or if he gets snapped in, but I think Tron’s assist advantages make it worth it (just like CC).

If you watch Clockwork’s recent matches where he uses Strider/Sent/CC, that’s more or less how you play Strider/Tron-- very offensive, burning meter when you get a chance (no need to store it up, but no need to burn it repeatedly, either), and utilizing the same crossups with teleport as used with Sent, but maybe even more so. Strider/Tron can also get away with doing j., dj., call Tron when you see their assist, land on other side, sandwich or double snapback. That’s where the tron-assist’s ‘instant’ ability comes useful instead of having to anticipate their assist or wait for drones to hit.

I’m recently using Strider/Cable/Tron with no need for Sent and no real need for Cable to have much meter at all. Give it a try.

About Chun, it’s all about potential right now. People have said they can do her infinites, but there’s only 1 or 2 people where I can really see they can do it. It’s a technical nightmare. You see people like Ironman messup in tourney matches, so infinites that are much more complicated like Chun’s have got to be even less reliable.

I guess we’ll see with Chun-- I’m sure if you can play Chun with infinites like Shin or Risuno can, then she should be pretty powerful. sj. short mid air = infinite, and her crossups are as fast as Magneto’s that lead into infinites. The question is, can people play Chun reliably in tournaments? That’s why I’ve been asking for matches of her for the longest time.

you sound an awful lot like AK from cf hes been playin that team on me for a bit.

I think I know who you mean.

hey, i’m asking this here because something tells me i wouldn’t get a reply in the sakura thread anytime soon…

what are the main differences between regular and evil sakura? i know dark sakura takes 3 meters and the biggest thing she gains is the zero frame startup/zero frame recovery teleport which theory fighter says you can get a lead and run away for the rest of the match for the win. but seeing stuff like this opens up some pretty interesting doors…


are her normals any quicker? does she gain any supers other than the raging demon and are her usual supers any better?


I dont think Chun is weak and she has more than one infinite and more than one setup. If you dont like launching into upper shom then use an assist like cykes or you can use tron and ground infinite (depending on the character). Her stamina is the same as storms and its damn sure better than strider’s (not that she is), not all of her air infinites require her to launch (call psylocke aa and lp, lp into lower shom) and jumping hp and jumping d.hk both have more priority then you would think.

hmm, her SRK doesn’t absorb shit like it does in regular sak mode iirc and her fireball super is fucking retarded damage.

as far as normals go, I’m not certain that they’re sped up.

I think she can DHC out from activating her dark sakura mode. Like sak on point, reverse srk+lk, dhc works and she’ll still retain dark sak mode.

other than that, I can’t help with that much more. preppy plays sak iirc doesn’t he?

as far as pure low tier characters who have potential to get better…

ruby heart
omega red
metal wolvie
mega man

this doesn’t mean that characters like cammy\marrow\jill aren’t any good. There game plan is rather simple and as characters, they can’t exactly expand their game to the point where its a whole new level but none the less, the basic crap is fucking effective.

I’m probably missing a few characters but the ones I listed have room to improve heavily.

i didn’t mean to imply she only had one infinite (i meant basically she can infinite off of more or less any hit). i dunno. i think maybe if she had better supers she’d be a ton better. like if she can do short short super like in the old vs games. i know of the invincible DHC but that’s very situational. as for now, it seems like her infinite is the only thing that she has going for her, even though she has hella setups and stuff, with the way that the top dominate the game now it seems really hard to actually put it to use (i wouldn’t know personally because i’ve never played vs one, and there’s like zero match videos with chun on the web, so feel free to prove me wrong)

and shout, your list, aren’t more than half of them (like ruby, anak, rogue, megaman, etc) considered mid-tier? or did you just put them in the same category (as in, anything that isn’t top tier = low tier)

yea to me anything that isn’t top is “low.” but yea, if you wanted to call those mid tier characters, they would be.

what do people think about

amingo, captain america, sabretooth, roll, servebot, felicia, shuma

i think they all got something going for them in some aspect.

cactus is jamming out ftw?