Unused Character Sketches

I haven’t seen this as a topic yet, if so… my bad.

At any rate, page 17 of the art gallery has some character sketches that didn’t make it into the game. While I’m not hating on the choices they’ve made, I really like the Kareem Abdul Jabbar Game of Death looking dude (would fit nicely with Fei Long).

There was talk of a SFIV CE… I wonder if this or any of the other ones are in the running for new characters.

What did they say about SFIV CE?

Ono says it’s a possibility:


Damn, he looks ferosh.

Reminds me of Butt from MotW.

thats probably just akuma’s alt costume concept. :wink:

on a serious note, i would pay to play afro-kuma

He looks like he would have owned, any others?

Maybe he exists? Maybe he’s a prop character at the background, like in Diner stage?

There’s this chumpy, who I think of as Hugofus. It’s fat Hugo!

I have another one of just his head, but that’s all the ones I have unlocked at the moment.

I saw a black shoto-ish guy wearing kens alt. They kept the outfit but ditched the guy. I saw an unused Cammy alt. She reminded me of B.B. Hood.

Damn they should have used that dude. SF4 could use a serious black contender.

I agree

he reminds me of Afro Samurai or Kareem Abdul Jabbar

same thing I was thinking

What about Rog man??? Hes the number one contender(excuse the pun)

He may have meant serious as in not-so-light-hearted. Boxer is pretty badass, but has been made to be more of a “goof-ball” characteristically. Exaggerated facial expressions, strange mannerisms… the same was done with Blanka, Honda, Sim and Gief, as well as newcomers Rufus and El Fuerte. Powerful as he may be, Boxer is still a rather silly character, and certainly the least serious of the Shadaloo Four.

Imagine playin as sho’nuff with the last dragon theme on.

Also, while I wanna say “proto-fuerte”… they have early sketches of el fuerte. This dude is listed as unused character. So I don’t know if he was the chef luchadore rival or what.

The moir pattern on this one is bad, but, whatever. I took 6 shots at 6 different exposures and they all looked the same.

Seriously, more.

I just beat Chun li normal trial mode and unlocked her unused alt art(3 versions), and that shit is sick, she wears her hair down, with traditional chinese dresses like Leifang from D0A uses.

I also got a naked Akuma (proportion study)sketch…he has no dick, maybe thats why he is always angry. There is cool akuma sketch in the gallery that I want to made into an avatar.

agreed. more please